Capture your child’s preschool days

While looking at the amazing customer photo books in our Shutterfly Gallery, I came across many examples showing kids in daycare and preschool – and it made me realize that capturing school memories isn’t limited to K through 12 – it also includes the preschool years.

So if your little one is attending daycare or preschool, make sure you to take snapshots of their experiences. What could be cuter than your daughter laughing with her little daycare buddies, your son eating his jell-o before his sandwich, or all the daycare kids trying on hats just because?

If you don’t have time to be the designated photo parent, take a couple minutes to create a classroom Share site and have other parents and teachers upload their photos to the site. This makes it super easy to view everyone’s images – even purchase them if you choose. You can also create a photo book featuring everyone’s pictures, which makes a great keepsake for parents, teachers, and daycare providers!

If you need some inspiration to get you started, check out these adorable photo book examples.

Jenni Book
The Gang


  1. Joey says

    Fun article for sure. I would be the aunt that wouldn’t go away and I’d capture every moment of Madeline’s preschool year. Hmmm, i should ask if I can do this when she goes!!
    Love this!

  2. Creole Mama says

    This is the 3rd year that I have used Shutterfly as gifts to my pre-schooler’s teachers. I have chronicled the entire class’ year and received rave reviews from the teachers and jealous parents. Recently, I tried a different approach and asked each parent to supply me with three photos of their child, a letter of thanks and a piece of art created by their child. It came out wonderful and with the amount of kids in the class, only cost me about $5 after everyone chipped in! Keep those templates coming. I am sold on your books! Check mine out!

  3. says

    This year I am in charge of sharing the preschools adventures and activities….and I am going to do it with a Shutterfly Share Site! I cant wait to give each class its own page. I am going to assign on parent per class to keep their child’s class updated! WhhoooHoo

  4. shannonr says

    my son starts pre-k in Sept and though this is a scary experience for all of us (he is our only child), i am looking forward to creating a photobook about his (and ours) experience throughout the school year. It all begins next week with his first ice cream social. I look forward to all the funfilled events that he will be taking part in and that i can create memories from. Thanks for a great article.

  5. BarbaraJ says

    Great article. I think the preschools years are that gentle step away from home before staring to school. I have so many wonder keepsakes in photobooks of my grandkids.
    Thank you for the article.

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