Mom’s words of wisdom in a photo book

After vacationing with my family, I started getting that warm and fuzzy feeling inside about all the wonderful things my mother has done for me. She is always positive and supportive. She was the type of person who sent little notes and cards with inspirational sayings or prayers. She didn’t just do it on special occasions like birthdays or when you needed advice, she just sent them when she felt like it.

Receiving these notes always made me feel good and I wanted to provide the same good feelings for her and the rest of my family. First, I thought of just sending out my own little notes, but that just didn’t feel like me and then it dawned on me. I can collect all the notes and messages she has sent me over the years and put them together in a photo book with pictures. I can then give it to her as a thank you and make a modified copy for my children so they can benefit from her wisdom too.

I started to look through the gallery for inspiration on how to start this project and came across some really simple and unique photo books.

All About Me
Life Lessons
Mommy’s Words of Wisdom
According to Mum With Love

And the lessons don’t just have to come from moms, children can inspire too.

Very Important Stuff


  1. BarbaraJ says

    You have some great ideas and our mom’s have great memories for us to last a lifetime. I think that is a great idea to make a book for her and your girls. I love the books you have selected. Thank you for sharing, bj.

  2. Joey says

    Such a great idea for a book. Little words of wisdom, advice, funny things that both a mother & father have said to their children. These types of book do make wonderful memory books. A great way to look back and see what your mother said. I just saw a book on this exact topic in Gallery. Its by Sharon G and its called Life Instruction Book 2010. I’ll check out the books you suggested.

  3. says

    Words of wisdom always carry more weight years after heard. I can her my mother’s voice in my head now as an adult and know excatly what she ment. This is one awesome idea to pass on such great insite of life.

  4. says

    The pearls of wisdom from mom, like if you go out there and break your leg don’t coming running to me, LOL!! I love the books in the examples. Great advice!!

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