Easy kid’s craft project

Finding creative ways to display your family photos, especially those that will reside in your child’s room, can be challenging. I have a project for you and your kids that will not only be fun to make, but will create colorful, decorative accessories to dress up frames and shelves to decorate your child’s room.

This craft project uses recycled plastic lids milk jugs and juice containers. Once completed, use these darling ladybugs to decorate a shelf, glue them to a picture frame, or fill them with modeling clay and use them to cover up pushpins.

To make these ladybugs you will need:

Plastic lids
Black acrylic craft paint
Small wiggle eyes
White craft glue

Wash and dry the plastic lid. Paint on the head by using a paintbrush to add an almond shape at one end of the lid.

Use the handle end of a paintbrush dipped in black paint to add the spots. Make some spots larger than others. Let all the paint dry.

Use white craft glue to add the wiggle eyes.

Optional: You could make these into magnets, but you would need to fill the lid with something first. I would recommend using something lightweight, like cardboard. Cut it into circle and glue it inside the cap, then add a magnet.

Crafts by Amanda
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  1. says

    I LOVE all of your kids craft ideas! I have been using them for my 2 yr old daughter as well as my 1st/2nd grade sunday school class @ church. They’ve been a BIG hit! Keep up the awesome posts! :)

  2. Lin says

    I wish I had found this site long ago! We have 16 grandkids and am always looking for new ideas to keep them busy ! This is darling.

    Nana, Lin

  3. says

    Great idea!! I’ve always felt guilty throwing out plastic lids when I recycle the container. For a long time we would put matching stickers on the tops of 3 lids representing each team and play a type of game like shuffle board on the linoleum floor, sliding our lids across certain cracks for points, but too far and you’d get nothing. Great game, but these are just too dang cute. We’ll have to try it. Got a stash of Naked juice lids that will be perfect for this craft!

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