Capture the details with your camera

Memories are formed based on the little details … the rich color of fresh strawberries, the soft texture of grandma-knitted booties awaiting new little toesies, the sweetness of small hands grasping a favorite toy. With camera in hand, most of us zoom out and capture an entire frame. We work hard to be sure the entire building is in the frame. This is an important method for capturing place and we need these images to tell the story. Keep doing this!, but don’t stop there. After you snap the picture of the entire scene, be sure to zoom in to capture little details. These details are beautiful additions to photo books and will go along way to keeping a memory fresh.

Here are two examples of this technique at work.

My husband snagged this great picture of myself with my boys last fall at the pumpkin patch. I adore it since I rarely venture to the other side of the camera lens. I love the boys’ expressions, the sweetness of the evening sun setting. I also love that my oldest son has a his favorite little cars along for the adventure. So much so that when back on the wagon I grabbed a second image, this one zoomed in on his favorite little car. A year later, he travels either with hands empty or with dinosaurs. A huge part of that stage of his life was all about taking favorites cars everywhere we went. With this combination of images I will not forget the evening or the little details of that stage of his life.

A similar trip is our annual trip to pick strawberries in early summer. The boys are so cute out in the field gathering up yummy berries in buckets and gobbling them up as they go. I love the images of them out in the field picking away. These are fun days that I do not want to forget. When you zoom in on the pickings, you find the story in the details. My youngest son insists on picking berries still on the green side. No matter how many times I tell him to go after the red ones, his little bucket still comes back with a pint of half green findings. This zoomed in image tells the story of his berry-picking adventure and is a detail I don’t want to forget. It is part of what made the day so fun as we continued to shout out, “pick the red ones!”

Next time you grab your camera, grab the full frame image and then zoom in and see what fun little detail you can record to keep the memory all the more alive.


  1. rsheedy says

    Jessi, I love your photography! You are simply amazing. Love the little buckets of strawberries; such a great shot. Thanks for the excellent tips. :)

  2. Joey says

    Excellent article Jessi!! I love how you gave examples of the bigger picture and also one where you zoomed in on your son holding his favorite truck – those really are priceless memories that would be easily forgotten had you not taken that photo. I also like the strawberry picking example. Beautiful images Jessi.
    Thanks for the tips!

  3. says

    Love the pictures above, especially the snap by your husband :) Your photography always inspires me, love it!! I try to capture the details of all the little things, that and get ina picture or two :) Great article Jessi!

  4. TonetteB says

    Your article and your photos are such an inspiration! Thanks for the tips to capture all the little details to help tell the story! I always admire all the little details you photograph! I am such a big fan of your work! :)

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