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Another wave of gorgeous summer books just swam into Shutterfly Gallery, and I’m grateful because they let me ride with that summer feeling a little bit longer. Don’t we all need more summer fun now that school is starting and the Fall weather is waiting in the wings?

The title of Day at Deception Pass by Debbie Speed caught my attention right away, and although I want my sunny days to last a little longer, I love the mysterious thrill in those foggy images. This book makes me want to take a trip to Washington State.

Italy 2009 June by AnikoD4 is an excellent way to escape. The two gondolas on the cover grabbed my attention right away, and when I opened the book I was entranced by the details of the streets and bridges and antique buildings, plus all the fun images of the family at play in town and on the beach.

Nesser1981’s June 2009 does a great job of capturing the everyday moments of the summer experience. The digiscrapping is nice and playful, which gets me into that summer mood, and I love all the blow-up pool shots with the kids in the back yard. Nice surprise at the end, too, with those gorgeous images of Washington DC.

Trip 2009 byChristaS31 caught my imagination, because it was all about the classic motorcycle road trip. This adventurous husband and wife team drove through three states to meet with other motorcycle enthusiasts in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Like Christa says – they rode, they saw, and they conquered, with many exciting adventures along the way (including a ride along Route 66 and encountering a dramatic thunder storm!).

What photo books are you putting together for that endless summer feeling? Let us know by commenting on this blog. And if you have a photo book you’d like to share, we welcome you to post it on Shutterfly Gallery.


  1. Joey says

    I love making summer books that my family & I can look at over our long winters. Its amazing seeing how much the kids have grown from summer to summer.
    I plan to make another book and I’m thinking i better get started soon – it’s going to be hard narrowing down the photos. I think this past summer i got more sunset photos than kids – I didn’t get any tubing pictures – but we still have 2 weeks of summer fun.
    I’ll check out the books you suggested. Yay to summer. I do love fall and all the beautiful colors – our winters drag on & on!

  2. says

    You are So Right!! So many things to do during the summer months, and then to put them in a photobook! I’ve made 2 this summer so far, but I have so many more to make! :0)
    Great Shots!

  3. BarbaraJ says

    Rachel this is a great expression of our books in the Summer Theme! I can identify with Deception Pass, this is a beautiful place and one of our favorites sites to visit in the US. The currents are unbelieveable as they go in and out the pass. The water is so deep blue. It is a must see on our bucket list! You have some great choices on your books for summer. Thank you for sharing. bj

  4. Debbie Speed says

    Thank you for posting my pic in here, I feel honored at what you said about my book! I would not have known if Barb had not alerted me to this, Thanks Barb! This is my first time in the Picture more gallery, I really did not realize what it was! I will have to visit for now on! I’m with Joey on this one, I don’t know where the summer went either! It seems we are almost into fall, and not to long ago, we were all waiting for those spring bulbs and flowers to come up! Now it is almost time to cut down old flowers already, and get the yard ready for winter, So like you said, let’s try to keep the summer going as long as possible, and keep taking those wonderful summer photos, and making those summer books, for those cold winter nights!

  5. says

    Summer fun can be so much, from camping to Vegas….road trips to muli destinations. I love going into the Gallery to see what summer means to others. After we get wrapped up and unwrapped in the holidays, that is when we pull out the summer time books and dream and plan for the months to come.

  6. says

    The traveling books are some of my favorites and you are so right, you can have summer last for a while in the books. I love them!! Great examples. Love the article Rachel!!

  7. angies5 says

    Summer Memories are the among the BEST! It seems like the time of year we put the most thought into, well maybe right behind the holiday season. We should all have at least one summer photo book. My mom and brother just received their photos books that I made, capturing our visit together, and to thank them for the great memories. They LOVED them! Photobooks are the best gift!

  8. TonetteB says

    I love to look at summer photobooks in the gallery year round! It brings a warm sunny feeling and lifts my mood in the dreary days of winter! I need to put together some summer photobooks. I made one of my nephew Mason’s 1st summer but haven’t made an annual one of my family. I normally do events and trips in its own photobook but a hightlight of all events and everyday moments for each summer would be AMAZING! I will put that on my list! Thanks for the tips! :)

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