Preparing for the first day of school

I still remember the first day I dropped my daughter off at daycare, I was so nervous and she was so young and so little. The Director told me not to worry and that the drop off is often more stressful on the parents than the kids. She was right my most days my daughter would easily go to her teacher or run off to play with friends. She was and still is very strong and confident. Even during her first ballet class, she turned to me and said, “Mommy, you can go now.”

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I was so proud and so sad at the same time. Now in just a few short weeks my daughter will start Kindergarten and she’s so excited. She’s been counting the weeks for over a month now. I’ve been telling her how exciting it will be to make new friends, have new teachers and a new playground to play in. All of which would have terrified me when I was her age. But she welcomes the new experience.

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So how does a nervous mom prepare her child for first day of school? Because I’m pretty sure I’ll be the one unable to sleep the night before.

Have a Plan
School will start and hour earlier than our current schedule I plan to prepare as much as I can the night before. Making sure that her clothes, socks and shoes are all picked out and easily accessible for her. I’ll make sure her school bag is packed and even have lunch already prepared in the fridge.

Eat a Good Breakfast
When I’m nervous I usually don’t eat but she will still need to have decent meal before heading off to school.

Don’t be Late
The elementary school is just one block over from our house so I’m super excited that we can walk, however we have to time it just right because we don’t want to be late, especially on the first day.

Be Excited
Even though I’ll probably nervous for her and said my baby is growing up – it’s important to not show it. I certainly don’t want to make her nervous in the process. So I’ll put on a happy face and be excited for her and her new adventure into Kindergarten.

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I hope our first day of school is a great experience for our daughter and that she’ll be just as excited for the second day. And I hope that I’ll be able to avoid the first day of school jitters and I hope you can to.


  1. says

    Don’t be late! I agree. Love the advice. My boys have long since graduated but soon we will have a granddaughter in school, things have changed so much. I will keep these tips in mind. Thanks.

  2. Joey says

    This are really good advice for the child going to start school and the parents to keep calm. I am not a mom, just an aunt, but I know how even I get anxious for the kids as Lisa said things have changed so much since when we were in school. I also like having breakfast and to not be late. I always used to set my clothes out for the next day and my mom always did when we were young. I still do to this day!
    Thanks for sharing this article and good luck as your little one starts school. It is nice you live so close…

  3. BarbaraJ says

    This is a sweet article and it brings back feeling and memories all at the same time. It was long ago that I sent my kids off to school and wow, love your article!

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