My Favorite Travel Share Sites

One of the best things about Shutterfly has to be the Share sites. There are so many great ones, covering family, school, youth sports, pets, passions, genealogy and more. Some of my favorite Share sites are about traveling. When I visit a travel site I feel like I’m taking a virtual vacation, and I’m always inspired get out and see more of the world.

Bicycle Trip
One of my favorite sites is called Clyde’s Photography. It chronicles a couple’s bicycling trip from Oregon to Virginia, which they took 20 years ago when first married, and now 20 years later they are doing it again. They’re biking through Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Virginia. The entire trip will be recorded in photos and journal entries – about the rains, animals, state lines, meeting people, heat, National Parks, covered bridges and beautiful countrysides. I always look forward to reading their stories and seeing their pictures.

North To Alaska
Jamie, her mother Linda and their friend Kay went on a land and cruise trip to Alaska last year. Jamie researched this trip to perfection, even listing the names and websites of the things they enjoyed while in Alaska. Her Share site shows page after page of beautiful pictures and useful information (which I plan to use when I take my own trip up North!).

Fall Cruising
This Share site shows gorgeous Fall foliage from a New England Cruise that Barb and her husband, Phil took in 2008. There are many other travel pages on this site as well – the Caribbean, Vancouver and Alaska are just a few of them. I actually met Barb in Vancouver. We both live in Texas but found out we were going to be in Vancouver at the same time, so it was a wonderful chance meeting!

European Cruise
Joanne takes cruising to another level. Her most recent cruise was to Europe with ports in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and the UK. She lists all her ports, and all the gorgeous places they visited. Joanne, her husband and two daughters are booked to travel the seas again in 2011. I can hardly wait to see her pictures and journals.

Mount Rushmore

Susan recently took a bus trip across the Mid-West, and saw beautiful country side, including Mt Rushmore. She  wears wonderful hats on her travels, and usually gets her picture taken while wearing them. I love seeing what kind of hat she’ll wear next. What a great way to spice up your trip.

Do you have a travel Share site you’d like to talk about? Tell me all about it by commenting on this article.


  1. BarbaraJ says

    Woo Hoo, Lisa you have a fantastic article. If you don’t have a travel site you will want one now. It can be local travel, nothing fancy! I have a Texas page and it is one of my favorite. Great details, I love our Travel site! Thank you for featuring mine in your article. Hugs bj

  2. Joey says

    Wow Lisa, such a great article and like you I feel like I have gone on a virtual vacation when I have viewed travel sites. I must take a peek at the ones you have mentioned. We all know how I have been lousy at site visiting. I need to get up and do it more. This article makes me want to travel and see places I have never been.
    Glad you wrote this!

  3. says

    You are so right Lisa!

    These are some of the best travel share sites out there. Shutterfly had done a great job with setting up easy and enjoyable ways to share photographs. These examples of sites are incredible. They show off some wonderful photographs of incredbile places which are so enjoyable to view.

  4. says

    WOW! I do like these articles so inspiring. They have so many members of Sfly who loves to share their traveling. Thank you for sharing this blog!

  5. TonetteB says

    I’m so happy you shared these amazing travel sharesites. Most of these are my favorite travel sites as well! The 1 travel sharesite that I haven’t visited I will take a look at this week. All of these travel sites are such an inspiration and filled with so much beauty! I love to see the world through their eyes. It always cheers me up because I feel like I am right there on that journey and adventure with the sharesite owner! I love to travel and love to hear about others travels. The photos and stories have me so fascinated and wanting to add that destination to my long list of places I want to see and travel to someday. I wanted to make a travel site for the longest time and finally just started one. I can’t wait to get it up and going to share with everyone. Hopefully I can work on this month and then invite everyone to take a look! Thanks for sharing your favorite travel sites! :)

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