New Calendar Designs

Proud to announce the launch of all new calendar designs!

It has been over a year since our design team has refreshed this product, and we’re excited to offer many new choices for 2010. Our new calendars make great gift ideas for the holidays. They’re also an inexpensive way to display your photos from the year. Think about all those summer photos and vacation pics. Now is the time to compile the year of memories and showcase them for the family and loved ones.

The new desk calendars are great gift choices, too. They’re taller and longer than your average desk calendar so will make beautifully bold statements for friends and family. One glance, and the photos will brighten their day.

We have an array of new designs with looks ranging from modern to fun to classic. Some of my favorites are:

Bright and Bold
Flower Market

Desk calendars are only 12 months. So if you don’t have a ton of photos – this is the way to go. It is quick & easy and looks gorgeous.

Take a look at our new collection and let me know what you think!


  1. Joey says

    I LOVE the new calender designs! I love the variety of backgrounds. I make my parents one every year for their office and personalize it with their friends/families birthdays. They love it. I can’t wait to get started on these.
    I make my siblings calendars with their own specified dates and print them on my printer. I would love it if we could have separate lists for family/friends instead of having all the dates grouped together in one section.

    These are so much fun!

  2. angies5 says

    Completely in love! I am SOOOO super excited for everything new Shutterfly has coming this season!! These calendars look phenomenal. We give them to our family every year at Christmas time. These will be the best yet! The ability to add a photo over a specific date is OUTSTANDING! Shutterfly is the BEST!

  3. says

    Believe it or not… I wasnt even going to do a calendar this year for Christmas….but when I saw all of the upgrades and changes from Shutterfly I just changed my mind!! Thanks for improving your services and products — Shutterfly!!

  4. TonetteB says

    In the past, I have made tons of calenders as gifts! I plan on making more for gifts and I’m thrilled to see all the new designs! I love the new desk top calenders and will make a few of those this week for Christmas gifts.I especially love that now you can even have a little photo on the date on the wall calenders for the bday person or event. How fun and this way you won’t ever miss anyones special day! Thanks for spreading the good newsabout Shutterfly’s new designs with your article and photos! I can’t wait to create mine and get them in the mail. Then the most exciting part is giving them as gifts and seeing the person’s expression! What a fun what to preserve memories and keep take of important events throught the year! :)

  5. Tiffany M says

    The new calendar designs are great! The last two years I digitally scrapbooked my calendars but with the new designs for 2011, I whipped out the grandma’s annual calendars in record time. Thanks! :o)

  6. BarbaraJ says

    Calendars are my favorites! We have some awesome choices. Woo Hoo, thank your for my reminders. I order for our entire family and they love the fact I can save all the special dates to each new year.

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