Creating my honeymoon photo book

I’m still relatively new to photo book making and until recently, have used Simple Path for all of my books. But now that I have photos from my wedding and honeymoon, I find I’m more interested in getting each page just right and I feel like I have “graduated” to Custom Path.

My new husband is a fantastic photographer and took some great shots of our honeymoon in Fiji. As soon as we got back, I couldn’t wait to get started on the photo book. Since there were so many gorgeous scenes to include (our ocean view, beautiful sunrises, the beaches) I knew I wanted to use a lot of full bleed layouts, but I also had so many photos that I wanted to get in the book (we took over 1,000), so I had to carefully pick my favorites. It certainly was not easy, but it did force me to find the photos that best tell the story of our honeymoon.

I started with our typical morning – watching the sunrise from our deck and drinking coffee. Then moved on to breakfast – we loved the meals so much, Michael took photos of everything we ate.

The next few pages give a tour of the island – the beach, our room, the pool.

Then, we move on to activities. The snorkeling was incredible in Fiji, so I had to include snaps of the brightly colored fish and sharks that we saw every time we swam in the ocean.  We also had an amazing picnic out on a private sand spit, which was a 20 minute boat ride from our resort. Those photos turned out so well – the colors were unbelievable!

Then, last but not least, were our evenings in Fiji – beautiful sunsets, great tropical drinks and lots of fresh seafood.

It was definitely a trip of a lifetime for us and choosing just the right photos will help us remember all of the great moments we spent together on our honeymoon.


  1. Joey says

    Your photos are spectacular – how romantic to have a picnic on the white sandy beach – wow wow wow! I love your tips. I think these can also be applied to any type of book. Right now I’m working on my summer book and since I had a new camera this summer, I took triple the amount I did last year. So, it has been a challenge eliminating some.
    It is a lot of fun and your article has helped me even more. Now, maybe I’ll be able to finish the book!

  2. Joey says

    PS: Congratulations on ‘graduating’ to custom path books. I do like simple path, but do prefer to use layouts I choose and Custom Path has more options but SP, has a lot of fun layouts/backgrounds for the new timid user.

  3. angies5 says

    WOW! I love all the thought you put into this and how it plays out the way you spent your days together on this incredible honeymoon. Your husbands photos are beautiful. It is so neat that together as a team, you have created this keepsake. Congrats on the Custom Path book!!

  4. says

    Great job in jumping up from Simple Path to Custom…. The more you work with photobooks you will want to move on to doing digital work with Photoshop/PSE. I will have to say now that I am doing digtial scrapbooking work, I still go back and use Simple Path or Custom Path as needed. They are great tools to keep in your back pocket.

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