Back to School? Think Shutterfly Share Sites

Whether you’re a parent or teacher, Shutterfly Share sites can help make the school year successful.

Teachers can take advantage of Shutterfly’s free Share sites to communicate easily with students and parents, post upcoming projects, field trips, even homework.

Adding pictures of class activities, parties, and student work is a great way to get parents to visit the site often. Teachers can have members receive update notifications on an immediate, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

I’m a first grade teacher, and I use my Shutterfly classroom Share site every day. It is so easy to manage, and my students, their parents, and my principal love it! I also find that my first graders make an extra effort to do well when they know their work is going to be posted on our class site. Many of my class parents share our web address with grandparents as well. To secure the site for privacy, add the email address of those who wish to become members and have them sign in using a password.

*Before posting student pictures or work samples, be sure to check your school’s internet policy.

Parents can also create their own Share sites to keep family connected with their child throughout the school year. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles love to see pictures from the first day of school, field trips, the prom, sporting events, and special awards. Parents can give site members the option to purchase prints posted to the Share site. They can also add a comments section for family members to leave words of encouragement and positive feedback.

Students who have a family who is involved in their education do better in school, and Share sites are an easy way to make this happen.

Hope that helps!


P.S. Shutterfly just added a new Share site feature called “Volunter Sign-Ups” to make it easier for classrooms to coordinate volunteer activities and needs.  With this new tool, you can reduce back and forth emails, eliminate confusion on who will do what, and save a few trees! Create sign-up sheets for teacher’s wish lists, chaperons and drivers for field trips, or whatever volunteer need.  Then invite site members to come to the site to sign up.


  1. Joey says

    i also love the share sites and can see where this would be such a neat idea to have one for a classroom. Keep family updated. I’d love to do this for my nieces or nephew!
    Great article

  2. BarbaraJ says

    I only wish we had these sites when my boys were in school. I love this idea and would love to create one for my grandkids. Thanks for sharing all this information. bj

  3. says

    Just set up my daughter preschool…the whole school..will be on one site. Each class will have its own page and the home page with replace the monthly newletter. It will be so much fun to do.

  4. ksosnick says

    The frustrating thing about these sites is that parents take the time to upload photos, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to download the original images so you can do something with them other than simply buy shutterfly products. Am I wrong?

    I’d love to set one up, but if I’m going to ask parents to send in their photos, it can’t be limited to being utlized with shutterfly products. One example is the need for yearbook photos.

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