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How I avoid image overload

Posted By Rachel B On September 18, 2010 @ 7:00 am In Photo Tips | 18 Comments

People tell me I should never delete “bad” pictures from my digital camera unless they’re obviously flawed (i.e. completely blank, fuzzy, missing heads). The reason? I can’t judge whether a picture is worth keeping until I view it on a full sized monitor.

Really? Do I have to?

Here’s why I’m whining. I take a lot of pictures. I’m talking at least five snapshots of the same subject from different perspectives. Do I really need to save all of them when I can immediately tell which ones are more effective in my little camera screen (I can even zoom in on sections that are questionable)?

Okay, maybe a few of the deleted images might have been worth keeping…or maybe some of the saved pictures weren’t as brilliant as I thought. But is that tragic when you think of the alternative – saving every single picture?

What if I saved them all? What if I came home from a one-week vacation (like my recent Yellowstone road trip) with two thousand pictures because I followed the “no delete” rule? Here’s what would happen. Those images would sit in my camera for the rest of their digital lives. I mean, who wants to weed through two thousand pictures?

Here’s what I do to prevent picture waste. I give myself a maximum take-home limit. For instance, if I take a one week vacation I try not to bring home more than two hundred images. I can deal with 200, it’s the perfect number for my vacation photo book [1] or for uploading to my Share site [2]. I can even choose my top 100 and email them to friends and family.

What’s your opinion on the “no delete” rule? How do you prevent picture overload? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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