10 school photos you don’t want to miss

Now that your kids are back in school it’s time to capture their fun classroom memories in photos and photo books. Here are 10 photo opps you don’t want to miss:

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1. Off to school – take a snapshot of your child all ready for school – backpack, books, excited smile, and all
2. Class projects – so many creative masterpieces, so little room on the fridge. Get rid of all that clutter by taking photos of their projects. It’s also a great way to make sure those precious pieces are saved for posterity
3. Buddies – get a group picture of your child and his playmates
4. Bulletin board – the class bulletin board gives you an immediate sense of what’s going on in school
5. Field trips – they’re highlights of your child’s school year. Make sure to capture the new surroundings, the small details, and the kids enjoying themselves
6. Parties – get the little stuff – cookies, cakes, faces, favors, decorations
7. Visitors – kids LOVE visitors! Don’t forget to capture their faces as they watch the demonstration
8. Class performances – need we say more? The ultimate photo opp. In addition to the performance, make sure you get preshow costume close-ups
9. Playtime – spontaneous playtime makes for some of the most memorable photos
10. Quotables – ask kids questions and you’ll get some remarkable answers. Pair those answers with their portraits and you’ve got the perfect content for a yearbook

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Once you’ve got your school photo collection, turn it into a beautiful photo book for you, your family, and close friends. You can even use the pictures for a class yearbook – perfect for parents, classmates, and teachers.

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  1. Joey says

    This is such a great article and filled with so many great ideas,. I really like taking a photo of childs artwork. I have been meaning to do that for years of my nieces and nephews projects! Its such a big moment capturing all these priceless moments. I wish I was the kids class photographer. Then they’d never get rid of me!

  2. BarbaraJ says

    You are so on the spot all the time. I love your ideas and suggestions for some really great pics of your children and/or grandkids this school year. I think it would be so much fun like Joey said to be the class photographer. Great article. bj

  3. angies5 says

    #4 and #10 – Bulletin Boards and Quotables – are brand new ideas to me, and they are GREAT! You are right, you could make a whole yearbook out of just photos of the kiddos and things the say or answers to questions asked.

  4. says

    All great ideas… How about first library book, first valentine, first homework assignment, first piece of art work? These are photos you can take at home and add to the memory book and it still had just as big an impact as if you were taking the picture in the class room!

  5. says

    Love love love your ideas! I took pictures of Alyssa’s first day at school and Mason’s first day. I can’t wait to make them a book! Great article and super informative.

  6. Natalie says

    Such a great idea!!!! My mom used to take our pictures before we got on the bus for our first day of school!!!! These are special memories and these are great ideas for photobooks!!!!! Thanks Rachel!
    Natalie B

  7. kniewohner says

    This article has so many unique opportunities to save memories for our kiddos that are easy to do and help save time and space (the school project one is especially helpful!) Thanks for the great ideas…..now I’ve got to put them to work. :)

    Kara N.

  8. petiam says

    Rachel, this is a fantastic article! Love your ideas – your list should be on every mom’s refrigerator door come first day of school. I will be doing a Kindergarten year book for my kids, and I’ll be stealing these ideas for sure. Thank you.

  9. says

    These are 10 great ideas for photo opts. I did a year in review school book for my son last year and have already started this years. There are so many things I learned from last years book that i want to include in this years and your ideas above have now created even more ideas. Thanks!

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