Teach friends and family to Shutterfly

When I show friends and family my Shutterfly photo books, calendars, cards and photo gifts, they ooh and ah over everything in my collection. They also think I’m a genius because I create such beautiful keepsakes. When I tell them I may be a genius (kidding!) but it doesn’t take a genius to Shutterfly, they don’t believe me. When I tell them they could make Shutterfly gifts themselves, they flat out deny it.

And when I ask them to start a card or photo book of their own, they panic. “My pictures aren’t good enough” they tell me. “I don’t have time” they whine. “Will you do it for me instead?” How can I get them to understand that Shutterfly is easy, and that creating Shutterfly keepsakes can take just minutes?

Here’s my answer. The How To Shutterfly resource center. It has everything I need to get my friends and family to try Shutterfly for themselves, like how-to tips, instructional hand-outs, articles, videos, and more. So next time they start making excuses, I’ll know where to turn.

Do you have Shutterfly admirers who refuse to try it for themselves? Check out the How To Shutterfly resource center and turn them into Shutterfly makers!

How do you get friends and family to try Shutterfly? I’d love to hear your ideas!


  1. Earl J says

    What a great photo from the Family Road Trip book. In taking it, did you really have to work at it or did the shot just happen? On the Peace and Love cover, I wish the person taking the shot would have used fill flash so that we could see more detail in your faces. Have we had a blog on how to use and tweak your camera’s flash? If not I’d be glad to do one.

  2. Joey says

    Great article Rachel!! I actually have one family friend neighbor who after I did one book for her; which was huge. I scanned in TONS of old photos for their 50th anniversary. Then I had each of their children and grandchildren write a personal message. She loves the books and they were a lot of work but seeing her reaction, how much she & her husband appreciated it, made it alll worthwhile! I have done several books for her and she recently asked me again if I’d do one for her friend. I just didn’t want to. This lady has her photos already on Shutterfly and I said she got the big part done. I offered to help her get started but haven’t heard back as she wants me to do it. I have had other people who just don’t try and it is so user friendly. A lot of my friends make calendars, cards etc. I just need to work on a few. Great article. I’ll jhave to search if you posted your book.

  3. says

    You raise some very valid points, Rachel. Sometimes, people are afraid to dig in for themselves. I’ve shown my books around and many say, “Gee, I could never make one THAT nice. But truth be told, they can!
    My sister was a tough convert. She didn’t think she had enough pictures or even themes for more than one book. She had been content to view my books and ones I had made for her, but was reluctant to try one for herself. But after getting her feet wet with a simple path project, I now cannot hold her back! She now uses custom path for her own books and is loving it! She is even hoping for new backgrounds and styles from the design team. She recently called me to ask if I had seen the great new calendar designs! She is so excited about all her future projects now. And she can’t keep quiet about how great and easy it is to make a book with Shutterfly! And to think, she was once worried that she couldn’t do it.
    Sometimes it just takes a little nudge and word of encouragement to get started. The Shutterfly resource center is a great way to give a friend good tips on how to begin. I’m bookmarking it.
    Thank you, Shutterfly.

  4. BarbaraJ says

    You have an excellent article and you really hit home with this information. When I try to help someone make a book, they always want me to do it . I have given site URL’s for them to read. Thank you for this information and it will help me to give to others. barbaraj

  5. says

    I’ve had my Shutterfly account for a long while now, but it wasn’t until I saw my boss’s photobooks that got me interested in making my own. It took me a year or so before I was able to make one using custom path. It was a 12×12 photobook. When I got it in the mail, I became even more hooked up on making my photobooks in Shutterfly.
    Now I try to convince my family and friends to try shutterfly by showing them (on my Share Site) my photobooks, and posting on my Facebook status when the site has discounts and all.. Hopefully I can at least get my mom-in-law to do it! :) It’s fun and easy!

  6. says

    All of my friends know I am a Shutterfly FANactic! They love my books but I have noticed they think it is sooooooo hard to do. I try over and over to convince them if they can use Facebook/iphone/email/youtube/download music/upload videos….they CAN Shutterfly!!!!! It is kinda Shutterfly fault because their products look so professional and polished that my friends think I am a genius too, Rachel! I love the share site showing off how easy Shutterfly is! I have gotten a few to see the light and they call me for tips and show off their projects. I am going to use this link to show how easy Shutterfly is and they will believe by doing…not just because I am raving again how much Shutterfly ROCKS!

  7. says

    Love your article! I sat my neighbor down tonight and showed her how easy it was to make books. (she has been depending on her husband to make one and he didn’t finish soooo) I told her there was no reason she couldn’t make one.

    I’ll have to show her your article also! Can’t wait until she gets it done! Thanks for all your info!!!!

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