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The magic of handwritten letters

Posted By Rachel B On October 2, 2010 @ 7:00 am In Family | 8 Comments

Online correspondence, whether it’s via email, social networks or instant messaging, has become our main way of communicating. We’re so busy these days that typing a quick note on Facebook is much easier than calling and writing everyone individually. Right?

Right, but not quite – because there’s more to communicating than convenience. While I like the efficiency of Facebook, email, and IM, I also appreciate the act of writing a message on paper, with an actual pen (wow!).

When I was a child I loved writing letters on my special stationery. I would make my handwriting extra neat so the words would look good next to my flowery note paper designs (my handwriting has gone to pot by the way). I also enjoyed personalizing my notes for each recipient. I wasn’t in a hurry when I wrote handwritten letters because I enjoyed the process. The ultimate reward? Receiving letters back from friends and family – oh the thrill of those handwritten envelopes in my mailbox!

When I began working at Shutterfly I realized how much I missed that experience, especially when I discovered Shutterfly’s beautiful cards and stationery [1]. Who can resist writing a letter when you see something like this?

Lately I’ve started taking up the pen again, and it feels great. I write to friends and family on a regular basis. I’ve even whipped my handwriting into shape! Everyone loves receiving my envelopes, and they write back too, which is always fun and special.

If you miss the days of handwritten correspondence, but need a little inspiration, take a look at the below tip for writing thank you notes. These little notes are actually a lot fun to write, and are greatly appreciated by the receivers. Give it a shot!

What’s your favorite occasion for handwritten notes? Just because? Holidays? Special occasions? Let me know by commenting on this article.

Steps to writing a great thank you note

1. Address the giver
2. Give your thanks
3. Say something positive about the gift or how you will use it
4. Talk about an enjoyable experience you shared or will share with the giver
5. Repeat your thanks

Example note

Dear Evelyn,

How thoughtful of you to remember that pastel blue is my favorite color. The scarf is beautiful, and all the more special because it came from you. I’ll be sure to wear it next time we get together for coffee. Thanks again.




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