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5 Tips to a Great Year in Review Book

Posted By Lara H On October 6, 2010 @ 7:00 am In Photo Book Ideas | 7 Comments

I can’t believe fall is here and with it comes initial thoughts of the holiday season. This reminder is not meant to cause stress but to inspire you to begin to think about making your Year in Review book [1]. It’s too early to finish as there’s still a lot of photography to come this year – the end of the fall sports season, Halloween parties and parades, family Thanksgiving gatherings, maybe even a get-away on your calendar – but of the photos you’ve taken already, you can begin to sort and sift to find the images you plan on making into your book.

Here are 5 tips that can get you started today and make the process easier along the way.

1. Get inspired by a couple of examples: I always start in Gallery when looking for ideas and inspiration. There are some wonderful photo book makers and fantastic photographers that plant seeds of ideas in my head. Check out a couple of the Year in Review posts [2] that are there.

Happiness Is [3] by SusanC101 was a themed album (which you can guess by the title) with carefully selected images – 1 per month – to illustrate the theme. Do you have a theme for your year or can you use this one?

These Kids and Their Facebook [4] by KatharineM96 used images and status updates from her Facebook feed to recap her year. Do you use Facebook, a blog, email with friends to share your memories that you can reference as you begin this process?

Mack’s Second Year in Review [5] by JessiW has wonderful headlines and memories as captions that make me want to annotate my images thoughtfully. Do you have headlines in mind to recap your year?

2. Take some time to review your images: Now that you’ve seen what others have done, start to review the images you have available.  With Simple Path, the images available to you go beyond your Shutterfly albums and can also include images from you or your friends on Facebook, your Picasa albums, and share sites you are  a member of.

3. Put the best together in an album: Start to sort your favorite images into a new album. This process may happen several times in the process, so don’t agonize too much with this initial review. Just take a quick pass and begin to filter your favorites together.

4. Think about your theme: Think about the organization of your story. How will you organize your images – by theme, by time, by family member?

5. Start writing up notes: If you have a Facebook feed or blog, then you’ve got a great beginning for some of the headlines and captions you might want to include. If you don’t have those things, just start writing some down. I open up a word document and jot down some initial thoughts as I review images. More will come to me, but this process begins to get my juices flowing and I can quickly cut and paste into text boxes when the time comes to make my book.

Have you made a Year in Review book in the past? What process did you follow in making your book? What advice can you share (or lessons learned) with others? I can’t wait to here!


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