Delicious new fall invitations. Gobble Gobble!

Is it wrong to think about Thanksgiving before Halloween? I hope not, because I’ve got Thanksgiving on the brain. I love it all – the turkey, pie, stuffing, being stuffed, cozy fires, family gatherings – and I love our new Thanksgiving invitations. This collection is so deliciously fun that I can’t help myself, I must send them to all of my Thanksgiving guests. Gobble Gobble! Here are three of my favorites.

Take a look at Letterpress Thanks by Vanilla Sky. So playful! I’m especially drawn to the vintage fonts.

Blonde Design’s Family Traditions is another favorite. The bold font and fun feathered friend really catch the eye.

I also can’t get enough of the understated whimsy in Giving Thanks by Demby+Solomon. I’m leaning towards this one…then again…it’s so hard to choose!

What’s really fun is letting my Shutterfly card inspire other details in my Thanksgiving feast. For instance, if I end up choosing Giving Thanks, I can tie that design into my napkin colors – fall greens yellows and browns. I might even use leaves for my dinner table centerpiece, also inspired by the card.

Which Shutterfly fall invitation inspires you? Let me know by commenting on this article. Would love to know what you think.


  1. TonetteB says

    I think I agree with Earl and say that the “Family Traditions” card get my vote as well. It is a hard decision and I love all the new designs! What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing Rachel! :)

  2. Joey says

    I have the worst time trying to find cards/invites, because I LOVE them all. Shutterfly’s creative team just keeps getting better and better. its such a FUN idea to do invites for Thanksgiving. My parents cook a HUGE meal and now you have me hungry for it. YUM.
    I really like this fun idea. Thanks Rachel. 😉

  3. says

    I really like the variety to choose from! Shutterfly has the nicest cards and I love them!
    I’ve now got Thanksgiving on the brain too!! One of my very favorite holidays! :0)

  4. angies5 says

    The ‘Letterpress Thanks’ for sure! I was really drawn to the collaboration of fonts. The fall color palette and the variety in the presentation reminded me of our Thanksgiving table. I had never thought of sending out written invites for Thanksgiving dinner before. It seems to fun and natural. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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