Capturing the Change of Seasons with my Camera

We moved into our new neighborhood during summer and I just fell in love with the large oak trees, at least I think they are, casting over the street. I couldn’t wait until fall because I knew the street would be blanketed with leaves in the warmest colors.

That first fall I remember standing in the middle of the street wondering if this was the best time to capture the season or would it be more amazing if more leaves covered the street. I needed to make sure there was enough foliage in the trees and enough on the ground.

This year I am armed and ready for the fall season. I upgraded my camera and some of my lenses and even picked up a tripod – I am determined to make the most of the small window available to capture autumn’s essence and beauty.

So how do you capture the essence of the fall season?

1. Never put off taking pictures and keep your camera present at all times. Fall is ever-changing so a gorgeous shot you see today may not be there tomorrow.

2. Time your pictures. Try taking them in the warm afternoon light or right before sunset to capture the best color

3. Overcast days. One of my favorite things about fall is the natural filtered sunlight especially when taking pictures of the kids. It avoids the harsh shadows that are often found in bright daylight.

4. Take lots of closeups. I still don’t have a dedicated macro lens, but you can get pretty close with a zoom lens that has macro capability.

5. Take a tripod along. I rarely use a tripod and because of that I know I miss a lot of amazing shots that require a longer exposure. I know several photographers that rarely shoot without one.

Consider investing in a Polarizing Filter to bring out vivid colors and check if your camera has Auto Bracketing. I look forward to the fall season and can’t wait to take pictures of the ever changing leaves, trees and landscapes, not to mention the kids enjoying it all.

What are your favorite things to capture in the fall?


  1. Joey says

    I am right with you Stephanie, i love fall. I love the sound the leaves make when we walk on them and they are so pretty laying in the yard. Where I live i don’t have a lot of different colors, I’d have better luck going to a park I think. I captured my nieces & nephews playing in the leaves at my parents a couple years ago. Those were such priceless moments. I need to find them again and put on my share site. Up here in ND, we have had a real nice fall. Last year it was so wet, Can’t get better than sunshiny days with leaves all around. I love your tips and your little boy is a handsome young boy!
    Thanks for the article & happy fall!

  2. says

    Hi Stephanie, excellent article! We were just in the mountains this last weekend and had a wonderful time with the Aspens that had already turned to Gold! :0)
    It was a little overcast and yes…a touch of blue here and there and boy did it make the pictures pop!
    I’ve miss-placed my Tri-Pod!! yikes….where is it!!?

  3. says

    Always keep that camera handy!! And look for the overcast skies too the soft glow and softer shadows make for such natural looking photos too. Now that my kids are older I am taking the tripod out with me more often too, they are more willing to pose quickly for mom and then get back playing and running about.

  4. angies5 says

    Fall is the most beautiful time of the year to me. Thanks for the great lighting tips!! I had never thought about shooting with a tripod more often than I do, next to never. I will definitely be experimenting with this. Thanks!!

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