Sharing my baby’s first year

I became a new mom at the 1st of the year, and life has not been the same since! Although my days are busier than ever before, the one thing I always make time for is taking pictures. As you veteran parents know all too well – they change so quickly. You simply never know when they’ll smile, roll over or stand up for the very first time and you want to be sure you’re “camera ready” to capture that moment forever. What better way to store and share out these milestones with friends and family than by creating a Shutterfly Share site?

At the end of each month, I upload every photo in my camera – it can be as little as 20 photo’s or as many as 200. I organize them into Shutterfly photo albums, post the albums to my Share site and update friends and family on a monthly basis. There’s nothing they love more than viewing the photos and watching my baby girl grow, and there’s nothing I love more than capturing all of these memories in one place. A “win win” for all!

I enjoy my Share site’s Pictures And Albums section for updating friends and family, but there are many other tools you can use on your baby Share site, like Baby Photo Journals, Birth Announcement features, video sections, and more. Give them a try and let me know what you think!


  1. Tiffany M says

    First of all, contrats on mommyhood!! I’m about to have #2 and was just looking into the new baby journal/milestones feature on the Share Site. Looks interesting and I can’t wait to jump in and play. I did not see the photo journals yet… on my way to go investigate!

  2. BarbaraJ says

    Congrats from me too! Love this idea and I am so thankful for the share sites. I have met all my Shutterfly friends beginning with our Share sites. The baby sites are awesome. Thank you for such a nice article. bj

  3. Joey says

    Congrats from me too on mommyhood. I think I recognize that precious bundle in your header as your example. Unless your daughter looks similar to my friends granddaughter. I love sharesites in general, to be able to share photos with family and friends is amazing.. Plus to add a new addition to the family would be a wonderful way to start a share site!
    Thanks for the great article!!

  4. Joey says

    The baby is my friends granddaughter, Kimber. She’s lucky to have such a talented GiGi as a photograper. i thought i was losing my mind because the sweet baby looked so familiar. Great pictures you used of baby Kimber. i was thinking maybe her GiGi set up a new site i wasn’t aware of.

  5. BarbaraJ says

    Joey, I also looked for Lisa’s site, I know she had to give permission for them to use her grandbabies pics. I think it is a great idea but I could not find the site. I think she is only on her personal site and Shutterfly Guru Central?

  6. says

    I worked very hard to capture my first borns moments with an easy shoot 35mm camera 10 years ago. I made sure I had film and batterys at all times and every time I took a photo I tried to take two or three to make sure I got “it” on film. About halfway throught my 2nds babyhood my husband bought me a digtial camera. The camera was a step or two up from the typical point and shoot of the momemt, but it was the best gift ever. My third and finally kiddo was a total digtial baby. And it is soooooo easy now to see what you “got” right there in frount of you. But I do have to say it is really easy to pass on the little moments to friends and family of your babies daily changes. Share sites and Shutterfly Facebook fun wasnt around 4 years ago when my littlest was born so covering the world with you baby has just become…believe it or not….even eaiser!!

  7. says

    I would have loved all the digital know how when my sons were little, like the share sites. They’re a fantastic way to share with family and friends. This is just one of the reasons I think the share sites are soooo great!

  8. sister822 says

    A few weeks after I had my son in July, I started a Shutterfly share site. I got tired of emailing photos to all the family members and sometimes there were just too many photos to send in just one email. The share site is the easiest way to share my son’s photos/videos/milestones with everyone. I update it on a weekly basis and LOVE that the site will send an email to all the members when new items have been updated.

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