Quotes make your photos meaningful

I love creating photo books! They make great gifts for the people in your life and capture a story behind the photographs in a simple way. The easy part is filling up the pages with pictures, but many people find that their books lack a personal touch; sometimes captions aren’t enough and your beautiful photo book is left without any personality. Here’s a solution – add quotes that describe the recipients of the book, or quotes that describe what they are to you.

Quotes are a great way to add uniqueness and tenderness to your pages and can add a special element to the story that’s being told. Not only do they fill the book nicely, but they can inspire and show others what’s most important to you by describing the way you feel and think – depicting your emotions in words you wish came out of your own mouth.

Although I find many of the quotes I use on the internet, I also pull quotes from the recipients’ favorite movies, songs and television shows to portray their personality. Whether you’re creating a baby book, wedding book, travel book or chronicling your everyday moments, there are quotes that fit any sentiment.


  1. Joey says

    I am right with you on using quotes in books. They help me fill a spot when I’m not sure what to say, can’t come up with the right words for the photos. There really are some great quotes for all occassions. I like the idea of using a favorite phrase or quote from their favorite movie. I’ll have to use that tip.
    Thanks for the article!

  2. says

    I love quotes too. I really should use them more. We are a very musical family and I am so touch by song lyrics, but the ideas of movie and tv lines are great too. You can grab anything from touching to funny. :)

  3. TammyM5 says

    I love using quotes, this is a great article. I usually will google the topic of the book to find neat quotes, for instance for my neice’s first bday I found a ton of quotes on babys first bday and put those in the book. My sister loved it! I also have done the same thing for sports, wedding books and more!

  4. angies5 says

    I feel that quotes are essential to many photo books. It helps the reader/ viewer connect with the emotion and story of the photo and to really become part of the memory. Thanks for this article!

  5. shannonr says

    I love using qutoes when there is a photobook i have that needs that little umh to give it a pick me up. I have a scenery book where i added inspirational words that i thought matched the photos the best; it worked great and this it really enhanced the pictures. I also did a book for my grandmother and used a bunch of family quotes throughout. Great articles and thanks for sharing.

  6. says

    I love using quotes….but sometimes – I’m at a loss for what to say to make it all come together! I’ve found that some of my favorite cards have wonderful things to say…and so I save them and then look back when I need something inspiring!

  7. says

    This is sort of a related question, but can you include song lyrics, poems in your Shutterfly book and not worry about copyright laws? I wasn’t sure about this. I planned to list the author of the poem/song, but didn’t want Shutterfly to kick it back to me as having issues and then have to figure out what to do. Thanks!

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