Top 8 Halloween photo books

Brisk. Colorful. Pumpkins. Costumes. Cider. Donuts. Spooky. Orange. Festivities. Trick or treat. October. HALLOWEEN…To celebrate this fabulous month coming to a close, here are my top eight favorite Halloween books in the Shutterfly Gallery. They inspire me and make me smile.

8. AmyG-818 did a fabulous book of Halloween Memories for her mother. It melted my heart and I plan to make a book just like this one!

7. Costumes. Kids. Adults. Festivities. And a great use of Shutterfly’s backgrounds and layouts. Here is book full of Halloween 09 goodness by ShannonM57

6. I adore this book from wendy610 because it features fantastic photography her own little Wild Thing. I’ll let the book speak for itself.

5. ReginaK12 made my favorite list because her Fall 2009 book captures all of the events and festivities throughout the haunting season – a Halloween party, pumpkin carving, decorating and trick or treating.

4. Since my wedding anniversary is October 28th, I had to search out a Halloween Wedding book and this one by darrylS81 looks like it was fabulous. Lots of fun wedding pictures and a Venetian Masquerade theme.

3. This Halloween book is full of great photos and digital scrapbooking layouts from dixiesmom. I am pretty certain she loves this time of year as much as I do because it shows on every page.

2. Photographybycaz’s Halloween book is a celebration of their first Halloween in the US. Its very orange, pumpkin-y and has awesome photos. Very cool.

And finally, 1. This book is my absolute favorite because I think this is what we’re going to be next year! Yes, I do actually plan that far ahead. KristinS1104 and her family have quite a few fabulous Halloween books from years past (so you may want to search a few of those out too) but I had to go with the Star Wars theme in her 2009 Halloween in a Galaxy Far Far Away book as a favorite. Those kids are just too cute.

Happy haunting!


  1. Joey says

    How awesome you wrote this article Tifany. Its so you! I know how much you love everything orange, tricks and treats, carving pumpkins is what i love, and Halloween!! I’ll have to check out these fun books for Halloween. I love you have your theme picked out for next year!!

  2. shannonr says

    These are great, we just had a Halloween wedding in our family and wow they are amazing so it was fun looking through that book and getting ideas. The other books you mentioned are also awesome and so worth taking a look through. Great job to all.

  3. BarbaraJ says

    Tif….love these books and your article is just perfect. I love the books you featured, you are the best my dear friend. Hugs bj and I must do one this week.

  4. Kristin S says

    Tiffany! Thanks for listing my Galaxy Far Away as your fav!! I’m truly honored… this was by far my favorite as well! Remember to download the starwars theme so that when you are trick or treating you are accompanied by music… adds to character development :)

  5. Amy G says

    Wow, thanks for including my Halloween Memories book as one of your faves… I am so honored! I, too, love this book – it’s such a great idea to compile memories from your childhood into 1 themed book. My mom has already inquired about also making Easter Memories, Christmas Memories, etc etc…!!!

  6. says

    I love all the fall activities and Halloween!! Pumpkins,costumes, craving, candy, leaves and just a few of the reasons I love it!! Love the books you listed and I think I have an idea or two from looking at them too. Thanks for the great article.

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