Ho, Ho Ho, – Getting Your Kids to Smile with Santa

This year I’m determined to get my son to sit by himself with Santa and smile. Last year, I wasn’t so successful…as I tried to put him on Santa’s lap, he clung to me with fear, so Santa encouraged my husband and me to sit in the picture too.  One big happy family picture on Santa’s lap – poor Santa!

(Image by AmyS461)

Now that my son is three…I have some tricks up my sleeve for a smiling Santa photo. First trick, for the entire month of November I’m going to talk ALL about Santa and how “big boys” sit on Santa’s lap and get their picture taken. Not sure if this will work, but it worked when he had to give up his pacifier to the babies. Second trick, not that I encourage candy eating, but I know how excited he’ll be to receive a candy cane after the picture is taken. I will sneak a candy cane in my purse and will show it to him as we walk up to Santa….fingers crossed a little sugar will get him to smile! And last but not least, I will use the line “But you have to tell Santa what you want for Christmas; otherwise he won’t know what to get you!” I have no idea if any of these tricks will work, but it’s worth a shot.  Any good ideas to share with me?????


  1. Joey says

    These are great tips Melissa. I really like the candy cane trick and he has to tell Santa what he wants. I also like talking about Santa the whole month of Nov. You’ll have to let us know if these worked. I think the few times my nephews and neices went to see Santa, there was always such a long line. And then they’d get bored, cranky and wouldn’t do the picture by the time it was their turn. Then again we went on a Saturday. Its probably better to go at a time when its less crowded – not sure when that would be.
    Does Santa take appointments?? :)
    Either way, good luck on your Santa adventure.

  2. says

    I never had the heart to sit any of my kids on Santa’s lap until they were at least 3. I was scared myself as a child and I just couldnt do it. Last year was the first year all three kids are with Santa. They were 9,6 and 3. I have a 3 foot stuff Santa that I would put the kids with when they were young. The Santa is from my childhood and has great meaning for me and now the kids. Great Christmas props would be my idea until the child is ready to sit on Santa’s lap. To keep the older ones still on Santa’s lap… ICE CREAM!

  3. says

    I have pictures of my youngest son screaming to high heaven while on Santa’s lap, I’m thrilled I have the picture, plus I have several more after that of him willingly sitting with Santa (thankfully no damage was done on the screaming photo, he still loved Santa after we got home). I have two granddaughters now, one is just a little over a month so no worries there, but Kyleigh is three this year. The first year she was a little over a month, great picture, the second year she was a little over a year, we plopped her down no problems, good picture, the third year she’s now 2 wanted to see Santa so bad, so excited but when it came time to sit with him it was a nooooo goooo. So we are looking for creative ways to solve the problem this year……………last year her daddy got in the picture too, I had to do one too, I have already started the Santa talk with her. Love the article and I hope it works!

  4. angies5 says

    Awesome ideas. I have yet to get my children to sit with Santa. I am not sure what it is that is so intimidating – SO many children seem to be afraid.
    I planned on talking Santa up – like you mentioned. I also planned on buying a special frame to put in the center of the mantel for their Santa picture. I will have them put it out as we decorate for Christmas tomorrow and then tell them all about how we need a picture with Santa to fill it and how proud he will be to see this photo right after he comes down the chimney.

    Good Luck!

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