Holiday Cards Made Easy

I really enjoy sending and receiving holiday cards – especially Shutterfly holiday photo cards…it’s the highlight of the season for me! Life is busy and it’s hard to catch up with everyone during the year, so it’s a joy to see pictures of the kids growing and to read about wonderful family trips and highlights from the past year.

This year my goal is to order my holiday cards before Thanksgiving…here’s a little bit of advice that I hope you find helpful when you go to make your holiday cards.

1. Take my family picture early. Done! I always set time on my family’s calendar to take a family photo no later mid-November. If you don’t have time for a family photo this year, take a collage of photos from a trip earlier in the year…it’s fun to show family events from the year.
2. Select my card design.
After I know which photo (or photos) I’m using, then I select my card design. This helps me narrow down the design selections – since there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. I’m going to use a collage card this year, so I can have one family picture and then rest will be of my son.
3. Order card.
I typically like to write little recap from the year, but if you don’t have time (like me this year), simply write a greeting and then hit the order button…it’s that easy – only a few minutes from start to finish! Here’s a card I made in 5 minutes and I think it’s the one I’ll be sending!

4. Matching address labels. I also like to order matching return address labels on Shutterfly – one less step I have to think about when I’m putting together the cards at home.
5. Address and sign my cards in comfort. Most important tip – when you go to address your holiday cards…enjoy it with a cup of hot coco (or a glass of wine!) and some Christmas carols. It’s my little peace and quiet (after my son goes to sleep) to say hello and give thanks to all my wonderful family and friends.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year – whatever your holiday greeting – I hope you enjoy making and sending your Shutterfly holiday cards this year!


  1. Joey says

    These are such great tips especially to get your photo done before Thanksgiving if possible. I usually do a photo w/ my nieces and nephews but i knew we wouldn’t all be together before Thanksgiving. So i used a photo from this summer. I also added a couple of myself from a trip I took. I have all my cards here, now I just have to write a quick letter and mail them off. Even my labels are done!
    I’m trying to get my sister to get her picture and cards done. Its such a stress reliever to have those done.
    Thanks for the great article.

  2. says

    This year I took my children’s portrait myself last summer and to my surprise they came out pretty good. I took one shot and turned it glossy black and white and used that as my shot for this years Christmas card. Turning the shot black and white made it easy to get by the problem of the picture not looking like it was taken in the middle of summer and made it easy to match up with some wonderful Christmas card designs that Shutterfly offers. I am ready to mail them…the day after Thanksgiving!

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