The perfect gift for Dad

by Laura Ashley Posted on November 15, 2010

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Ah, Dad. A pillar of strength, a bastion of tradition, the familial leader. And yet – impossible to shop for. Of course, I’m not sure if your father is anything like mine, but every year I dread the dad purchase. Like most dads, mine is into sports. Unlike most dads, mine is not into anything involving tools or handiwork or the latest technical gadgets. In fact, I would venture to say my father is not into anything involving the word “latest” at all. I once bought him a reasonably trendy pair of pants. It took him 3 years before he finally started wearing them.

So, the holidays are quickly approaching and my heart starts to beat a little quicker when I begin to wonder “What the heck am I going to get Dad this year??”. I think I finally have the perfect gift idea – one of our new personalized desk calendars from Shutterfly! I know, I know – you’re thinking “All this build up to the perfect gift, and it’s a desk calendar?!”  But wait a moment – let me explain why it’s going to be the perfect gift this year.

Frankly, there’s nothing my dad enjoys more than his family. Place him in the most random corner of Earth with myself, my mom or my sister and he’s content. Shutterfly’s new desk calendars allow me to place photos on every month featuring the people he loves the most – us! Best of all the traditional designs like photo gallery, classic textures and classic colors are perfect for Dad (notice that they feature the term “classic”). As a retired businessman, Dad still spends A LOT of time in his study. Of course, now most of this time is dedicated to scouring Bruin Report Online for the latest UCLA sports updates rather than strategic planning, but his study still serves as his little getaway in our home. A desk calendar is the perfect combination of tradition, function, and personalization that I know Dad will appreciate.

So, for all you fellow shoppers out there with no idea what to get Dad this year – consider a gift you can actually take pride in saying “I made that!”. No one has to know you did it in 10 minutes. And Dad will love it all year long.

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  1. Joey Says:

    I think these desk calendars are perfect for that hard-to-buy for person. My parents are next to impossible. I may consider these for their desk at home.
    Great tips on what to get the impossible people in our lives!

  2. Debbie Speed Says:

    I am thinking of getting one of these desk calenders for my husband also! He always say’s I don’t need anything, so this is something he can use at work on his desk! He has my pictures I take all over his walls of his office, so the calendar will fit right in!

  3. Jean B Says:

    This is a terrrific Idea!! I think with it being small – but loaded with pictures – it would also serve nicely like in a Motorhome….!!

  4. pumpkinpie Says:

    What an awesome article and great idea! I will definitley be buying this for my dad, he is so hard to shop for. And I think he’ll love the personalized touch to it. I love this calendar idea almost as much as I like French men!

  5. AnnAbbott Says:

    What a great new product!

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