My favorite gift for the holidays

by Gretchen S Posted on November 17, 2010

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Looking for an easy gift that everyone in your family will love? For years I struggled to find a gift that was affordable, personalized, useful, and didn’t take too long to create. My solution – a personalized wall calendar – it only takes three steps.

Some people may hear calendar and think, “snooze”, but honestly, my annual calendars has become the most coveted gift in my family at Christmas. The bonus? It’s really easy to create!

Step one: I gather all the important dates for my family – Shutterfly saves those dates in my account, so year after year, I can quickly review and make small edits.

Step two: I use our family Share site to grab pictures of all of the activities and family members throughout the year. I like to feature relatives on their birthday months. For example, my dad’s birthday is in August so that page is green (his favorite color) with lots of pictures of him and the family.

Step three: I select the design and that is it! I order 10 copies and wrap them for Christmas morning.


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Where's my photo?
  1. ElleSnaps Says:

    I have seen so many of these great calendars, but I have not made one yet. I think I will do that for Christmas :) Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Joey Says:

    I love these calendars and i love you can add a whole collage of pictures. I like the new backgrounds as well. I have been making my parents a calendar for the past few years via Shutterfly, of course. I love how theirs came out this year. I’d like to make one for each of my siblings, they all have different dates for their friends/in-law’s etc and its hard when all the dates are in one group.
    I used to make them on my printer, just a basic one, but my printer is conking out. So I may just go ahead and order more! Love Shutterfly shopping!

  3. shannonr Says:

    I orderd one for my mom for christmas for the first time and I was so taken by the quality and the ability to really personalize these that i went and ordered one for my mother in law as well. My son has so much fun picking out the photos with me, it became a sort of art project for us for the afternoon. I cant wait for them to open them now :)

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