10 sure-fire holiday photo book ideas

Now that the holidays are approaching I’m asking myself, how do I give meaningful gifts without breaking the bank, wandering through too many shopping malls (shopping is my ultimate nightmare), or spending a lot of time?

Simple Path photo books are the answer. I can make these babies in just minutes, and they look like masterpieces. It’s that easy! I can even use these easy to follow instructions.

Here’s my next question…what will my books be about? I’ve taken a little time to ponder this question, and have come up with ten ideas. Check them out and let me know what you think. If you use any of them, I will be thrilled to have inspired you. Let’s get started!

1. Year in Review
The perfect gift for friends and family who want share your year, too. Here’s a short-cut: use only a handful of your favorite images, along with short captions. Easy and meaningful.

2. Simple Sentiments
All it takes is 10 pictures, and ten short captions about why you appreciate your loved one. Here’s an example to get your started: “10 reasons why you make me smile”.

3. Everyday
Everyday moments are often the most meaningful, so celebrate those special times in a photo book. We bet you’ll smile every time you look at it.

4. Birthday
Why not create a little something to continue the birthday celebration? Kid’s birthday books make perfect holiday gifts for grandma and grandpa too.

5. The Kids
A Simple Path photo book starring your kids are great gifts for the family – grandmas, grandpas, aunties and uncles…no photo shoot needed either – just include your year’s favorites.

6. Family Photo Collection
Use an assortment of your favorite family pics – no organization needed. Just upload and let Simple Path do it for you. Another perfect gift for grandmas, grandpas, aunties and uncles – and you!

7. Travel
Reliving your travel adventures is easy with a Simple Path photo book, and these treasures make great holidays gifts for friends and family, too. Who wouldn’t want to take a virtual vacation?

8. Thanksgiving
Don’t let family Thanksgiving photos sit your camera! Make a Thanksgiving Simple Path book and remember those holiday traditions all year round.

9. Family gathering
Let everyone in the family relive the fun with a Simple Path photo book. Include lots of family people pics so everyone can see their own smiling faces.

10. Nature
If you have a collection of favorite flower shots, put them together in a beautiful Simple Path photo book. This will make a great coffee table book for you and everyone on your list.


  1. says

    I have had such luck with Simple Path, that sometimes I am feeling like I am cheating on Custom Path. I know Custom Path offers so much in tweaking every little thing I want to in a Shutterfly photo book and sometimes that’s nice. But I am drawn to the fact , I love to tell a story with my photos and I almost always use very simple if not just white or black backgrounds. I pick my best pictures and that is the most important. So I think I know I can whip together a book quickly with Custom but even quicker on Simple Path.. No brainer… off to Simple Path I go…

  2. Earl J says

    This is a good blog filled with practical advice. Many of my books fall under “Trip in Review” and a couple more themes I could add to the suggestions you made would be Acqua, shots of water in different places, and I’ve just thought that a recipe book could be one theme with photos of what the finished food product looks like.

  3. Joey says

    I’m getting stumped on a few ideas for gifts, but this actually helped me a lot. I’ll just pick out some of my favorite nature shots of summer; i took a ton of sunsets, and make some simple but personal simple path books!
    Thanks, i needed this inspiration!

  4. BarbaraJ says

    Rachel, great ideas and many more people I know are using Shutterfly books this year for gifts. I’m so pleased to spread the word. This is a great article.

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