Documenting Your Days of December

December is such a special month with so many different activities and traditions and family history to be remembered. I often wonder how my parents spent their Christmas. Did they make gingerbread cookies every year? Did they get a new ornament each year? Was the holiday celebrated with the same people every year? Believe it or not, I don’t know the answers to these questions and want to be sure I get together photo books about my Christmas memories so our children and grandchildren don’t have to wonder.

If you don’t have little ones at home you can still create a keepsake filled with Holiday memories. KellyM215 had a wonderful idea for a way to treasure her December memories last year when her husband and son were overseas. She picked a holiday word for each day of the month and scrapped the meaning of Christmas for her family. Kelly used a layered template book and a variety of other products from

With small children at home, community member Sill put together a whole book of her family’s month of December and all the preparations leading up to Christmas. She used a mix of products available from

You can do the same thing with Shutterfly photo book templates. Olive Sky Rain made a beautiful photo book capturing everyday family moments and special events during December.

Here are a few other ideas you can use to help fill your pages with memories:
Shopping for Christmas Gifts
Photograph favorite Christmas lights displays
Town tree lighting
Welcoming of Santa to your town
25 days of Blessings
Random memories from childhood
Wishes under the tree
Favorite decorations
Gifts received over the years
Favorite holiday foods

I hope this inspires you to embrace December and celebrate the memories it brings with a photo book that your family can enjoy year after year. And if you do this every year you’ll see how your family evolved and each year will become that much more special.


  1. Joey says

    I always get so inspired whenever I see a December Daily book in the Shutterfly Gallery. I really want to try one this year. I wish i knew more about Digital Scrapbooking – I’d love to try.
    I am still going to take a photo a day, or at least try to. Thanks for the inspiration Katie!

  2. says

    I love the idea of favorite holiday foods. I had an idea for Thanksgiving that can be used for any big holiday meal in December. As we were preparing the T-day feast, I took a picture grouping the ingredients together that made up each dish, then took pictures of the kids helping prepare each dish and then the final product. My idea is to make a book of how we spent Thanksgiving day together, just us, making a our family’s traditional dishes.
    Now I have to upload to Shutterfly and make the book!

  3. BarbaraJ says

    Thank you so for the great ideas. I will start my book this next month with your ideas all on my list. I love each of the different books on the 25 days of December.

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