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My favorite Holiday Card ideas

Posted By Megan K On November 27, 2010 @ 7:00 am In Family | 8 Comments

Here at Shutterfly we’ve been thinking about holiday cards for months, which has given me plenty time to come up with fun card concepts and creative ideas you might find useful. They center around three of my favorite card designs:

1. Holiday Story Cards
2. Full Bleed Designs
3. Artful Collage Designs

Holiday Story Cards

Though I do not have children yet, I have many friends with newborns and several cousins with young kiddos. Our new Holiday Story Card [1] designs make it easy to capture their childhood in a greeting card, or capture family moments throughout the year.

5×7 Flat Story Cards are a convenient way to quickly express your personality. These designs offer fun concepts like, “top ten moments of 2010”, “highlights of the seasons” or just the simple captions underneath each photo.

We also offer the 5×7 folded story cards. They look like the ordinary folded card on the exterior but most offer a time line template on the interior, which is a great way to sum up the year with a few highlights. While I love the idea of a time line, this template has several use-cases and I encourage you to be creative and think “outside the box” – what might work best for you and your family? For example, my boyfriend and I are wine lovers, so I decided to use the time line template to share our top four favorite wineries. I used each photo space to showcase a photo of us at each winery. Now we are able to share our mutual hobby and recommend favorite wineries to friends and family.

Some other creative ways to use the interiors of our 5×7 Folded story cards are:

1. Children – if you have children: have each child represented in each photo space and share a few sentences about their accomplishments
2. Travel – if you love to travel: use each photo space to share all the places you travelled this year
3. Newlyweds – if you are a newlywed couple: want to announce to friends and family that this is your first holiday as a newlywed couple? Why not use this time line concept?
4. Recipes – if you love to cook: share your favorite holiday recipes

Full Bleed Designs

These single-photo designs [2] are great for elevating that one beautiful photo – most have decorative details overlaying the photo, which makes the design unique. If you’re wary of using one photo, we also offer these types of designs in the folded version so you can add additional photos inside the card.

Artful Collage Designs

These collage designs [3] offer more than one photo space and are great for a few reasons:

1. You might have more than one “favorite” photo
2. Like me, you might like to keep it simple with a quick “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” and have your story conveyed through the photography
3. You have several children and want to feature a solo picture of each
4. The year is long…four seasons, tons of holidays – with this, there are so many photos you can choose to share with friends and family

These are just a few different ways to share life’s joy through your holiday greeting card…Please feel free to leave your comments and share your ideas!


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