My favorite year-in-review photo books

What do you think of when you hear the phrase, “a year in review”? Is it a review of last year’s highlights or the great moments of everyday life? Do you want to remember the small details of the year or do you want the flashiest most exciting events to stand out? Both of these concepts make wonderful jumping-off points for creating the annual photo book of your family. As I was looking in the Shutterfly Photo Book Gallery for ideas to use in my annual photo book, I found many books that fit both of these categories, and a few that took the Year Book concept to a new place. Here are my top five year in review photo book ideas that might help you jump-start your book.

1. CateP1’s book, 2009 Year in Review, used big and small family events to tell her family’s story. She included candid photographs and combined them with wonderful journaling to complete their story, which made this book a great traditional family recap of a year.

2. I loved SusanC101 Happiness is because of its simple clean look. She took the time to be thankful for her top moments with one photograph and a simple written line explaining why that moment was so meaningful.

3. AliciaD403’s Family 2009 took the two concepts above and put together a beautiful book of her family’s special times of 2009.

4. This next book took the annual year book and brought it into the 21st century. These Kids and Their Facebook (Freshman Year of College), is a very modern look at one college student’s life and times as she documented it on Facebook. KatharineM96 took the micro moments of her Facebook status to recreate her freshmen year.

5. The last book is by shuttermom.  Her family hosted an exchange student and she took the time to make a keepsake book of the year. I love Andrea’s Year in the US, because photo by photo you can re-live the family’s time with their new friend from Spain.


  1. Joey says

    I love looking at the YIR books and seeing how people made theirs. What stood out most to them. I have seen a couple of these books you mentioned above. I will have to look at the rest to get inspired for my YIR book.
    Great article Ann!

  2. shannonr says

    Ann great article, year in review books can be done in so many different ways as you mentioned. My technique for the year in review book is actaully two books. I break them down by the seasons Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. I am able to put all the activities we did during those time periods.

  3. BarbaraJ says

    I love this article and you have some great choices. I love the year in review books and to this day have not made one. I must put that on my bucket list with all my vacations I want to take. Love it. bj

  4. TonetteB says

    This is a wonderful article! I love all these ideas for YIR photobooks! Some of these photobooks I have viewed in the gallery and I was so inspired to do one. The other ones I will have to check out! They are all beautiful photobooks and excellent examples! You have me wanting to get in gear and start mine. Hopefully after my trip next week I will have some extra time to work on one! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  5. says

    This is the first time I’ve seen the YIR idea. I love it! I used to order prints for the album, but that’s getting boring and eventually stopped a couple of years ago. I’ve been thinking of a photobook but I couldn’t think of a binding theme that includes everyone. I love it!

  6. BarbaraJ says

    I also love the year in review books. You have selected some great books and has given me so many ideas. Love your article girlfriend.

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