My do-it-yourself studio portrait

After looking at studio shots of my kids over the years I thought, I can do just as well! So to save money, I gave it a try this year.

To keep to a little or nothing budget, I went with white tees and jean shorts. For the splash of color, I used orange balloons and for a back drop my giant bathtub. Here are the results…a lot better than I ever expected!

My friends were so impressed with the photos, they asked me to do their family portraits too.

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  1. Joey says

    This is such a genius idea Ann. I love the way the photo turned out! I think its great your friends asked to have their kids photos done in your giant tub too!! You may be in business. Have people come to your house, and you’ll say my giant tub is my studio!! I love it. I need a giant tub!! I know others have used white sheets – I haven’t tried that.
    I love how yours turned out. Keep snapping in the tub!!

  2. TonetteB says

    This is such a fun idea with the giant tub and balloons! It is such a good way to save hundreds of $$$! That money could go for more shutterfly products and books! LOL! I am so happy I am a proud owner of my 1st DSLR and have been planning on doing an outdoor winter photoshoot. I just have to figure out how to get my almost 19 year old son to participate! I think I will try to bribe him if he ever has a free hour for us to do it. He’s such a busy guy! Things were so much easier before college and work came along! LOL! I want to get Bella something cute and then I think it may get Joe to participate in an outdoor shoot. Joe loves Bella our chocolate lab so much and she was really ill and we could have lost her so I think it maybe a good reason to do a photoshoot with our chocolate lab Bella. On top of her recent emergency she is also almost 9 years old! Hoping I can practice with my new camera and do our own photoshoot sometime soon! Excellent article! I love these photos so much! What an honor to be asked by friends to take their photos! You are so talented! You should be so proud! :)

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