My Thanksgiving cooking book

Sometime the simplest ideas are the best. Our family likes to do it ourselves, especially when it comes to food. My husband is a wonderful cook and I have to admit I am very spoiled by the fact he can do anything when it comes to food. His motto is “I can do it cheaper and better.” (And well he is right.) As a result, the kids have learned the art of cooking at home.

Thanksgiving is a very exciting holiday for the kids because they can help in every part of preparing the meal and now it has become a family tradition. This year is no exception.

Since Thanksgiving dinner is for us, meaning, just us, I never thought of photographing the day. Spending all day in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning, means my camera never gets picked up. But this year was different; I woke up with the idea of making a family recipe book. Not a traditional family recipe book with generations of handed down complicated tasty dishes, but a book about cooking that shows off our kid friendly simple recipes and our kids.

I applied the simple technique to my photo book too. Stack up the ingredients, take a picture. Have the kids dice, slice and stir, take a picture. Show off the final product, and take a picture. That is all I did and of course with the help of Shutterfly’s layouts and backgrounds, I made the book with my photographs. It was a great day of food, family and fun and now I have the book to prove it.


  1. Joey says

    I love this book Ann, and was so excited you made a Thankgiving book about your families day. i think its great the kids are very much involved in helping with the preparatons of dinner, or a big meal like Thanksgiving. I loved the new layouts you used. Your book was not only fun but it has inspired me to make a Thanksgiving book – I’ll try for next year. I think I read in another blog that Thankgiving is one holiday thats overlooked because it falls so close to Christmas. Be thankful and grateful for what you have; a great family, food on the table and love exploding off of every pages. Your book conveys that message loud and clear. To just take time and spend with your family.
    You have created a priceless memory book.

  2. TonetteB says

    I left a long comment and my internet failed so the comment didn’t go through!

    This article is such an inspiration! I love the idea of 1 special cooking or baking session being used to make an entire photobook! Its something every family should have in their photobook collection! Thanks for sharing all these fun ideas! :)

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