Create a memorable holiday video

Ah, the holidays. The air is cold, the fire is warm, and all your relatives are crammed into your living room. It’s time to get out that video camera! Here are a few tips and tricks to make capturing those precious, priceless family moments on video as easy as a Christmas pie.

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Catch the Action in Order

Your holiday party begins with people walking in the door. So get some of that action on video! Then, throughout the night, pick up the camera to check in with the crowd. Some highlights you won’t want to miss are the unveiling of the main course, any present-opening that happens, and if you’re family sings carols of any kind, get that on film. You can use it later for blackmail!

Be Your Own Barbara Walters

This is something we stress a lot here at Motionbox, but only because it makes for great video, and it takes the pressure off you. Whether you’re filming the kids opening presents, or the family get-together, interview some people for the camera. You can ask them all the same question, or different ones each time. The answers may surprise you!

Keep Family Traditions Alive

Do your family or friends have a tradition they do every year, without fail? If so, get it on video! Even if you’re in the middle of the action, put the camera on and catch your perspective. It will be a memory you’ll want to go back to again and again.

Make a Holiday Mix

You know that video you’ve been getting throughout the night, in order? Mix it into one cohesive story! You can cut out any of the boring parts, and give everyone a real feel for how the day went. That’s when those shots of people walking in the door or leaving at the end of the night will come in handy.

We hope this helps in all your holiday video endeavors. Do you have any tips of your own? We want to hear them!

Happy Holidays!!


  1. Joey says

    I love all these tips for video taping your holiday. My 15 year old nephew is usually in charge of that and makes some pretty increduble videos, I must say. We watched the one he made from this summer. In the past, my parents always used to video us opening gifts – now they don’t do that as much. My nephew has kind of taken over and I take the majority of the pictures.Great tips!

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