The procrastinator’s gift list

I’m a holiday procrastinator, especially when it comes to buying gifts for faraway friends and family. I end up panicking on Christmas Eve because I have no idea what to get them or how to deliver their gifts on time.

To resolve this dilemma, I have created my very own procrastinator’s gift list. These are five-minute gifts I can send late in the season…I’m talking, even Christmas Day! Check them out, and feel free to add your own.

Gifts I can order as late as December 20 (next-day shipping)

Desktop plaques
This is going to my 100 year old grandfather in Los Angeles (who has better vision than I do by the way!), because his favorite gifts are always family pictures. He’ll love the modern design, and the fact that he can view it whenever he passes his desk or sits down to write a letter.

Gifts I can order as late as December 21 (next-day shipping)

Custom mugs with chocolate

I’m giving these to my adult cousins who live far away. We exchange pictures all the time, so I can feature photos of their children and grandchildren, which they’ll love. They’ll also appreciate the tasty chocolates.

Notebooks and notepads

These are going to my far-away aunts, who appreciate quality personalized stationery and note paper. They’ll love the classic designs and seeing their names featured on each elegant sheet.


I want to pass on my love for puzzles to my far-away niece and nephew. I think they’ll get a kick out of putting it together, especially if it features their family cat.

Gifts I can order Christmas Day

Gift Certificates

Electronic gift certificates are perfect for any friend or family member. They take five minutes to order, and are delivered instantly. I also know they will be put to good use, because the recipients can order any Shutterfly product – prints, photo books, stationery, photo cards, or personalized gifts.

Give them IOU’s

I know from experience that IOU’s are perfectly acceptable, and they can even be delightful! Check out the details here.


  1. BarbaraJ says

    I love the ideas. I have all but a few gifts. Thank you for all your wonderful articles and ideas. I love the new frames. I have a few gift certificates to buy. Have a great day!

  2. Joey says

    this is filled with so many great ideas for the procrastinator. i’m usually ahead of schedule but this year the holidays snuck up on me. My favorite new gift you offer is the desktop plaque. Love these – in fact when they first came out i had to order myself one. i ordered my parents one for christmas. I love the mugs, notepads. So many fun and practical, as Earl said, gifts.

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