How to shoot Awesome Baby Videos

1. Keep a Camera in Your Pocket

Sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, and lots of distractions make it nearly impossible to keep track of multiple gadgets. Find a camcorder that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, handbag, or easy-to-reach compartment of the diaper bag. Having a mobile phone that shoots good quality video is also very useful. My iPhone 3GS is the one thing I always have within arm’s reach. It takes decent videos, and, in a pinch, doubles as a teething toy for my baby.

2. Don’t Speak

When you’re shooting a video, your mouth is close to the camera’s microphone, so if you speak at a normal volume, you’ll sound LOUD. Believe me, it’s not cute to hear yourself coo and talk baby talk over a perfectly good video. Use a rattle, set of keys, or a stuffed animal to keep your baby facing the camera, and if you must speak, keep your voice low and steady — not loud and squeaky.

3. Take Two (and Three, and Four….)

So you managed to capture your baby’s first ever bite of banana on video…but the phone rang in the middle of the shot. Or you dropped the camera. Or it was just out of focus. Don’t be afraid to act like a good director and just re-shoot the scene. Seriously, no one will know (or care) that they’re actually watching the kid’s third ever bite of banana, and in the future, you’ll be glad to have a clear, polished video of the moment.

4. Get Videos Off the Camera

To capture memories, you need memory – on your video capture device. Check your camera regularly to make sure you have plenty of space left for new video. When you shoot a video you know you won’t use, delete it immediately. Make a weekly or daily time to transfer videos from your camera to your Shutterfly Share site.

5. Find Easy Ways to Share

If you follow all of the above advice, you’ll probably have dozens of videos to share every week (or even every day!). I created a Shutterfly Share site when by son was born. It’s a secure, customized site where I post both photos and videos, as well as blog posts and updates. My friends and family can decide if and how often they want to receive email updates about the site, and they can even contribute their own photos and videos.


  1. Joey says

    Adorable baby above. Helpful tips for the new baby of the family. You let your baby use your phone as a teething ring? Must be a great phone if it does all that and also serves as a teething ring!!
    I also love the idea of take 2! Baby won’t know nor will your viewers. Gotta do whatever we can to get that perfect video or photo. Great tips!

  2. Tiffany M says

    You summed up my current life in the first paragraph :o) These tips are fantastic. I like the one about your voice/talking. I will try that. Such pretty pictures you added to this post too.

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