My secrets to birthday photo success

The most important lesson that I learned about birthday photos is that it can be very hard to capture images the day of the birthday party. You are busy hosting and your little one is a touch overwhelmed. This is really a recipe for photograph disaster. The solution is so easy… here are my quick tips:

1) Two cakes are better than one! You definitely want a cake for the day of the party, but why not stage a little photo cake fun on a different day? Maybe even the actual day of his birthday, since often parties fall on a different day to match busy schedules. This isn’t cheating, and you’ll be so happy you did it.

2) Messy is good! Prepare by stripping him down to his diaper before you begin. Throw down a towel under the high chair and let him go at it. The mess is half the fun with birthday cake photographs.

3) Remove the clutter! Pay attention to the background behind the high chair. A few helium balloons around the chair can be a nice festive touch. On Mack’s birthday I taped a “Happy Birthday” message to the wall behind his chair.


  1. says

    I think a special day and speical cake is a grand idea for great photos. It will keep the birthday baby and the photographer mom focused on just one event! CAKE!

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