photo books as holiday gifts

The release of our 2009 collection of holiday cards has got me thinking about photo books as holiday gifts. My first list of gift ideas can be created with photos that have already been taken.

Travel: Most of us have gone on a trip this year, even if it was a weekend camping or a day trip to the beach. Often these trips were spent with family and friends. Why not use the photos you took on your travels to gift these memories in a photo book.
Year in Review: Take the best shots from each month or season and create a year in review photo book with those images.
– Major milestones: Did you or someone you know get engaged, attend a wedding, celebrate the birth of a baby or a big birthday? Each of these events are worth commemorating in a photo book.
Favorite photos: Each of us has our favorite photos whether it was one you took last week or an image that someone else took a generation ago. Display, celebrate and share these favorite images in a photo book.

My second list of gift ideas require some more preparation.

Everyday moments: Similar to the year in review idea, this idea incorporates everyday memories and inspires you to capture details of daily living that you might otherwise overlook.
Family history: Whether you decide to take on creating a family tree through photos or just scanning an old family album to give the photos new life, consider telling your family history in a photo book.
Tribute book: Is there someone special you want to remember or honor? Make a tribute book with images and collaborate with others to provide remembrances of that someone special.
Family photo shoot: Hand over the camera to a professional or just a friend and get everyone in your family into the picture. Use a group shot for a holiday card and then take the rest of the images and put them in a book.
– Holiday traditions: From family recipes to ornaments handed down through the generations and all the details in between, document and share your holiday traditions with your family.
Teaching books: If there is a youngster in your life, a photo book that can teach – ABC’s, 123’s, colors – is in order. Look through your existing photos or take some special shots that illustrate the concept you’re trying to convey.

If you need more ideas or further inspiration, browse our Shutterfly Gallery where you’ll see hundreds of different books that fit each of these themes and will probably give you a dozen more.


  1. lemaire26 says

    I truly do not think there is a better gift that anyone could receive than a photo album filled with family & friends and great memories!

  2. says

    These are the best gifts ever! I always love to take someones special event from the year and make a book for them at Christmas. The gift is a grand surpise and the speical event comes right back in light! Perfect!

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