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Celebrate the new year with a photo book

Posted By Barbara J On January 12, 2011 @ 7:00 am In Photo Book Ideas | 7 Comments

The holidays are over, but the good cheer hasn’t ended! Christmas is my favorite time of year, and I plan to continue the festivities by making a photo book celebrating my favorite holiday moments. Shutterfly’s Photo Book Gallery [1] has a large variety of Christmas and holiday photo books to inspire me. Listed below are a few of my favorites (although I wish I could include them all!). I hope you enjoy looking at the Christmas spirit in each book, and that these examples inspire you to capture your own holiday cheer!

The 25 days of December
By Nirecreations

This book by Nirecreations [2] is an expression of their family’s special memories of the season, from the everyday smells of baking to a simple cup of coffee. It also reflects the love for her family and moments shared with her children. Each page is filled with joy and happiness for the Christmas season. If you are interested in making a book of 25 days of December [3] please visit the Gallery [3] for ideas to help you plan your book.

Note: many of these books are created with design software like Photoshop. To learn more about digital scrapbooking take a look at this introductory article [4]. You can also create a “25 Days of December” photo book using standard Shutterfly photo book templates [5] – I suggest using lots of collage layouts.

Quse’s Cookie Book
By Rebecca

Cooking and Christmas just go together! Quse’s Cookie Book [6] is a great gift idea, filled with holiday cookies and other holiday desserts. It combines her delicious cookie recipes, with Shutterfly’s beautiful Christmas background [7] themes. I would suggest making your lettering in bold for easy reading.

2009 Decorations and Keepsakes
By ScrapSage (Karen)

You will love this book and enjoy Karen’s talent for decorating as seen in each room of her home! As Karen stated, you get to a certain point in your life where many of the decorations require climbing. That may be a great reason to start documenting your decorations in a keepsake Christmas photo book [8]. After viewing this book, I have also made my Christmas decorations in the form of a photo book and Share site [9] page. Think about documenting your Christmas decorations for your own keepsake book.

Fredericksbury 2009
By Elle Snaps (Lisa)

Fredericksburg 2009 [10] is a Christmas trip with family and friends. You will love this beautiful digital scrapbook filled with Christmas holiday laughter! This is a delightful collection of friends having fun in a Texas town called Fredericksburg. I find myself drawn back to this book over and over!

Family Christmas
By Cheri

This book [11] will capture your eye as you look at this family enjoying their family Christmas celebration. Cheri’s creativity along with her digital design talents turn her pages into magical Christmas moments for all to enjoy. I feel like a part of this family as I look through the pages of Cheri’s family holiday cheer!

Shutterfly Christmas Medley Photo book

I have saved one of my favorites for last – a beautiful pre-designed Christmas medley book [12]. Shutterfly’s Christmas Medley photo book was my choice for Christmas Past Book 2007 [13]. If this style doesn’t inspire you, Shutterfly offers many holiday backgrounds and layouts [7] to choose from. Take a look!

Do you have a holiday photo book in Shutterfly Gallery [14] that you’d like to share? Post the link to your book in the comments section – I would love to see it!


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