A blast from the past – my favorite 70’s recipe

A few months ago I discovered a long lost cooking tool hidden in my garage that saves me so much time and makes me a hero to my family. It is the crock-pot. Ok, so that isn’t the hip and happenin’ word to describe it nowadays, but that’s how I remember it from my 70’s childhood. The slow cooker, as it is know today, is a wonderful piece of stay-at-home-mom equipment. Put your dinner in at breakfast, turn it on, and BAM done by five!

But the 70’s story doesn’t end there. I was trying to figure out what to give my childrens’ teachers as gifts. I like the gifts to be homemade so the kids can help too. As I was surfing the web, I discovered something that also took me back to the 70’s. Chex Mix, the wonderful salty snack mix that’s a combo of cereal, pretzels, and nuts. I made this every year with my aunt, so easy.

Of course, the Chex Mix has changed too with many new recipes. But the most interesting change is you can now make it in a crock pot too?! I had to try it!  It’s the perfect gift for the teachers and an easy project for the kids.

I picked a basic recipe:  4-cups Chex Mix (any combo of flavors you like)
1-cup pretzels
1-cup mix nuts
1-cup of fishy crackers
1 stick of butter
½ pack of powered ranch dressing

Put everything in slow cooker, pour in melted butter, turn on low and stir every ½ for 3 hours.

The result, a great salty family snack! You still have to stir your mixture every 15 minutes, but it’s much safer for the kids to help. They can mix during the process without the danger of putting their arms near or in the oven. I’ve even seen microwave versions of the recipes, too.

What’s your favorite recipe from your childhood? Let me know by commenting on this article.


  1. Joey says

    Ann, I have never heard of this before. I haven’t used my crock-pot or slow cooker in awhile. I don’t know wha my favorite childhood recipe was. It make me want tto do a book of those recipes from the past. My dad used to make home-made ice cream with the crank. It took hours but was so rich and delicious. All us kids would watch the ice slowly turn to ice-cream. Great article!!

  2. Tiffany M says

    Snickerdoodles. I remember making lots and lots of Snickerdoodles with my mother. My 3 yo son LOVES to be in the kitchen whenever I’m making anything. I take pictures all the time so he’s all grown up, there will be a “chef Brayden” photobook!

    Interesting take on the slow cooker for Chex Mix. I will have to try it (my son is obsessed with Chex Mix!)

  3. says

    Never Knew!! Thanks for this excellent bit of advice. I am a crockpot fan!! I love when someone else cooks for me, now I just need to get a crockpot with a built in spoon (similar to an ice cream maker) and I’ll be set. I’ll have to try it out for sure.

  4. says

    Oh, and my favorite childhood recipe- HANDS DOWN is Ants on a Log

    This is when you smear peanut butter on a celery stick and then drop raisins in the PB. YUMMY. I still eat it for a snack as an adult.

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