Make your garden picture perfect

If you’re like me and love taking garden pictures, now is the perfect time to think about expanding your garden for the summer.

Island Beds

I have decided to expand my island beds this year. When I first began planting flowers I thought it would be pretty to evenly place flowers on each side of the mound. I have since found for a greater impact you should group more than one of the same flower together. Unlike border plants an island bed can be viewed from all sides. You’ll need to put the taller plants in the middle and taper down from there.

I prefer perennials but I also remind myself annuals add color all summer. Make sure you plant them after the chance of frost. My grandmother always said to wait until after Mother’s Day to plant annuals. When you look for plants make sure you get the right kind for the area you are planting. There are sun loving plants, shade loving plants, and plants that like a little bit of both.

Attracting birds and butterflies

For birds and butterflies you don’t need a big garden. You just need to know the right plants. In the summer, coneflowers and blanket flowers draw butterflies. If you leave the plants standing through the cold weather, winter and songbirds will stop by to eat the seeds. What makes a more beautiful image than a bird on a flower?  It makes a nicer image than a bird on a feeder. I’m very hesitant to put up feeders and bird baths in my flower garden for a couple reasons 1. The seeds make a nasty mess and start to grow and 2. Birds like to eat caterpillars, butterflies and other types of bugs.

Summer flower bokehs

Summer is the easiest season, because that’ when most perennials bloom. For a continuous bloom stagger flower bloom times.  Choose some re-bloomers to keep your garden colorful. Also think about grouping colors. I’m a big fan of pretty bokehs (the out-of-focus portion of your photo). Like a yellow flower in front of a blurred red bloom, or an orange flower with a blurred purple blossom behind it.

Remember to think about LONG TERM when you plant perennials. They will give you enjoyment and add beauty to your yard for years to come.


  1. BarbaraJ says

    Connie, I love this article and I’m glad you have wonderful flower gardens so I can enjoy them. Here in my area of Texas, we have spring flowers mostly! Great article.

  2. Joey says

    You are amazing Connie! You always make the time to plant your flowers and get ready for the birds and butterflies. Your photograohy is amazing and its always fun to see what you’ll capture with your garden and lenses.

  3. shannonr says

    Connie, great article and to think I actually got to see your garden in person (ok a little out of peak season but still :). I loved our butterfly garden and all the time you put into creating these wonderful masterpieces. In the end you create some even more amazing pictures :)

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