Valentine’s Day cards for all occasions

Valentine’s Day is special for people of all ages. In elementary school, it’s the day you get to whip out your decorated shoe box and receive valentines from classmates, and in high school it’s the day you can reveal your secret crush. My point is that over time, the meaning of Valentine’s Day changes. However, one thing that remains constant is the classic personalized greeting you send every year. Who doesn’t love a little receiving a little love?

Here are a few “use cases” for sending a Valentine’s Day greeting:

The Significant Other – Pick a design, choose that “special” picture or pictures and create a personalized card. This is not only a very thoughtful and caring gift, but something they can cherish in years to come – and you can’t beat that!

Family & Friends – Take this opportunity to share a picture of your family or kids. Trust me, Aunts/Uncles/Grandparents/Friends will love this! It’s an unexpected delight to receive a Valentine’s Day greeting. Have fun with it! Last year, I received a greeting from one of my single friends. It was a picture of her black lab with a pink bandana… and yes, a year later, I still have this displayed on my fridge!

Whatever the use case, here are a few of my favorite designs for 2010:

The Collage – Great way to express love with multiple photos!

The Heart Shaped Photo Space – Very cute way to frame that special picture!

The Fun Type – The classic “xoxo” with sweet pattern is fun, festive and full of love!

The Cute Sentiment – Designs that incorporate a cute and creative sentiment work nicely with photography and are very festive!

Check out our complete collection of Valentine’s Day designs here.


  1. BarbaraJ says

    This is a great article, and full of fun information and a happy time of the year to start our Valentine cards. Thank you for give me some great ideas.

  2. Joey says

    Who wouldn’t want to send Valentine’s out with the cute Greeting Shutterfly offers. I haven’t sent Valentine cards in years, but decided to send some to my nieces and nephews and some to family and friends. I so remember the days when we made valentine boxes out of shoe boxes in grade school. It was so exciting coming home and getting one from that cute boy! Great and fun article!

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