Capturing Valentine’s Day

Like all holidays there are so many things you can capture this February 14th. I’ve never been a huge celebrator but I find myself getting much more involved now that my daughter is in school.

In fact, after I finish this article, I’ll be searching the web for a cool Valentine’s Day Card Holder craft. So if you have one please send it my way. My only problem is that– I’m not all that “crafty”. Luckily I take a decent picture though, so I can at least capture the Valentine’s Day experience with my camera.

There are so many different ways to capture your affection during this holiday of love and happiness.

Add Fun Props
– Valentines Day is an expressive holiday so don’t be afraid to add block words like love, hugs and kisses, I heart you into your photo
– Draw in sand or create words with rocks or leaves
– Buy some of those candy hearts – they are so colorful and fun to capture in so many different ways

Capture the Moments
– If you have kids make sure you grab the camera and take pictures of your kids as they make or write out their Valentine’s Day Cards and in my case grab some shots of your child making their Valentine’s Day card box
– Bake a fun heart shaped cake or adorable cupcakes and capture the moment with kids
– Take pictures of your loved ones as they open up their gifts

Have Fun with Portraits
– Play with your photos by using a soft focus filter or editing the images in Photoshop
– Try some spot color editing with your image by making an image black & white and leaving an item like a flower full of color
– Use templates and textures that follow the Valentines theme – heart shaped bokeh, or heart shaped frames

There are so many fun and expressive ways to capture this Valentine’s Day. Have fun, don’t rush and enjoy the love and joy that comes along with such a loving holiday.


  1. Joey says

    I never used to like Valentine’s day. But it is a day to share your love towards loved ones and make it a happy day. Kids and adults to the eldery love receiving a greeting just something fun. Great article. I still think of you with the rats in the tree!

  2. says

    Valentines is lots of fun. I take the kids to the local dollar store and we have fun picking out candies, hearts and flowers. Every thing has to be pink and red and white. These small and over the top frilly things are fun to give and make great props in photos too.

  3. Tiffany M says

    Oh, I’m late! I found the greatest Valentines ever… you take a picture of your child with their fist out and punch holes to stick a lollipop through (so it looks like they are holding it). Print a bunch of 4×6’s and done! And oh so cute!

    I don’t celebrate Valentines much either but when my babies get to the school age, I think that will change. Thanks for the tips :o)

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