Sweet Treats for Valentine’s

Maybe you’ve seen this technique before in your local grocery store. The bakery uses a non-toxic ink to “print” images (usually photographs) onto cakes. I recently saw this great idea in Parents Magazine.

Using the same idea but with custom artwork, you are in a whole new league. My daughter wanted to try this idea out for her class Valentine’s Party. After a short tutorial from our local grocery store’s bakery, we selected and created artwork made into 1 1/2” circles for cupcakes, then all we had to do was print it out on our home printer and take it into the bakery.

They turned out even better than we had anticipated, and the cost of the whole project was very reasonable…I paid around $20 for two dozen. My daughter is so excited to share these with her friends at school and feels so special that she got to design her very own dessert…now that’s a treat!


  1. Lauren S. says

    Oh these Valentine cupcakes are just so adorable! What a GREAT idea! All of your daughters friends at school are going to feel so special to get one of these scrumptious creations! I wish I was in her class!

  2. Joey says

    I love this idea. So creative and fun. I had never seen this before. I bet your daughter couldn’t wait to bring these to school

  3. says

    I have seen this before. My husband makes our kids birthday cakes every year and looked up using this technique years ago. He was even willing at one point to buy the special printer. It is so cool now that you can make your own designs and with the help of the local bakery.

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