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If you happen to have a child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or neighbor in elementary school you’ve probably heard about Flat Stanley. He’s a pretty cool guy who happens to be flat and generally travels by envelope. He likes to travel to exotic locations, but his primary goal is simply to visit the world. Over the course of his many travels he teaches literacy, social studies and geography, to name a few subjects.

As it turns out, Flat Stanley happened to visit my nephew Ryker at the beginning of the school year. Ryker promptly hatched a plan…why not send Flat Stanley to visit his Uncle Hunter, a long-haul trucker? What better way for Stanley to see America? Stanley loved the suggestion and promptly hopped in an envelope headed for California and the open highway.

Naturally, Ryker and his classmates are very interested in Flat Stanley’s adventures and they like to keep track of his whereabouts. There is no better way to do this than by creating a Shutterfly Share Site devoted to Stanley’s adventures. Using this Share Site, Hunter and I are able to add photos and update a map with Stanley’s location whenever we want. This makes it easy for Ryker and his classmates to track Stanley’s progress and see where he is on any given day. Ryker is also able to order prints of the photos he likes and submit them to his teacher for extra credit. And of course, at the end of the school year I will be compiling these photos and stories into a Shutterfly photo book.

You can find other examples of Flat Stanley’s adventures in the Shutterfly Gallery, like this book, where Stanley was able to visit Paris and Berlin (submitted by DavidC647):

As you can see, Shutterfly is the perfect partner for keeping in touch with your friends and family. And if it helps your child get an A in geography, it may be the perfect study buddy, too!


  1. Joey says

    This is excellent Rachael! I didn’t realize you had 14 nieces and nephews!! Wow!
    I bet Flat Stanley has enjoyed his visits with Uncle Hunter and I so love the idea of documenting everything in a share site. I can’t wait to see this book. I bet the kids in Ryker class just love this idea. Thanks for sharing your excellent creativity!

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