Disney’s Best Kept Secret

When I say Walt Disney, what comes to mind? A man who created a magical place for families? A giant corporation? A mouse?

I think of a wonderful place my family has been lucky enough to visit many years in a row. I guess that makes use Disney fanatics. We just love being in the magical kingdom, and it feels like home to us.

After all these years we just found out about a special secret that other frequent long time visitors have shared. The secret of the Hidden Mickey.

A Hidden Mickey is a representation of Mickey Mouse that has been inserted subtly into the design of rides, attractions, and other locations in Disney theme parks and elsewhere on Disney properties.

Some are very easy to spot and not too surprising like here on the ticket booths:

Some are more difficult to spot like the curved metal on the fruit cart in Main Street USA:

Others are very challenging to spot because they blend into the background, like the Davy Jones hat in Pirates of the Caribbean:

…or, the cave opening on the side of the Matter Horn:

If you’re heading to one of Walt’s parks anytime soon and want to check it out for yourself, here is a great web site that shows a list of the ever changing
hidden Mickey and friends.

This Spring we will take on the “hidden Mickey” challenge at Disneyland, using a hidden Mickeys guidebook for support. We’re going to take as many hidden Mickey photos as possible!


  1. beckydianne@hotmail.com says

    I have to say.. we were really lucky our first trip (DD was turning 4 and DS 2) we were let in on this “secret” we had SO much fun looking for them! my DD would see the stickers that the cast had given people on different places and announce “I see a hidden Mickey!” she didn’t quite get the idea but it was so cute! she now sees them everywhere… even at home! still so much fun..

  2. Joey says

    I can’t wait to see your ‘hidden Mickey’ pictures. What a fun idea! It was so much reading your article Ann and learning of the Disney secret!

  3. TonetteB says

    Awesome article Ann! I always love seeing all the hidden Mickeys at Disney! I think its a cool challenge to visit and do a scavenger hunt and then create a photobook with them! What a fun idea! I can’t wait to see yours! I don’t think we will be going this year but next year I will have to bring an extra memory card so I will have room for the hidden Mickeys as well! LOL! :)

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