Documenting a decade

December 31, 2010 marked the end of the first decade of the new millennium and I wanted to create a book showing how my family evolved over the past ten years. There have been new homes, new schools, a new marriage, new grandchildren, countless trips and countless memories.

I started by organizing my pictures by year and sorting out events. I enjoyed going back and remembering  the wonderful things we had done. It gave me a chance to cherish what a blessed life we have.

This project is more than family memories. So much has happened in our world this past decade. Remembering these changes in your photo book creates a meaningful keepsake for future generations – because they get to know more about you and how world events affected you.

What about documenting general information?

– the cost of gas
– music you loved
– news events
– where you were working
– favorite tv shows
– movies of the years
– the Olympics
– technology, when did you get a cell phone? Internet? A computer?

The possibilities are endless. Whether you use digital scrapbooking format or Shutterfly’s photo book templates, you’ll have a treasure for generations to come!

Here’s a glimpse into my book. I used the Documenting a Decade Series from

And my friend Jen took on this project too!


  1. Joey says

    Oh wow, what a fascinating idea to do a decade photobook. You’ve inspired me to go back 10 years and document everything. I also like the idea of including general info such as news, Olympics, price of gas etc.
    Great article Katie!

  2. says

    Your scrapbooking always amazes me!!! What a great article! I want to do a photobook documenting my husband and his retired K9’s 10 years on the road together.

  3. Tiffany M says

    oh awesome. this is great idea. i love the documenting tips. i may have to try this. off to check out the books in further detail!

  4. shannonr says

    Wow what a huge undertaking, kudos for such a beautiful finished product. I really liked your idea of documenting general info together. Very nice book and awesome idea.

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