Notes on Names: Family Names on Cards

Unsure how to list your family names on Shutterfly cards and stationery?

Whether you are married with no kids or married with two names, here are some charming ways to list your family names:

YOU ARE: Married with Kids

Your card may look like this:

YOU ARE: Married with no Kids

Your card may look like this:

YOU ARE: A Two-Name Family

Your card may look like this:

As the years seem to fly by, add in a year when you list your family name to make it easier to identify each special card or announcement you create.

Consider adding in your little one’s or pet’s age. It’s a great reminder for friends or family and it’s also fun to look back at cards and see little ones at various ages.

And lastly, PROOFREAD! You’d think this was a no brainer but name misspellings often happen, especially for multitasking moms and dads.

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  1. Tiffany M says

    Ah… this will be helpful for the masses. I will use the one with the kids ages next time! Thanks.

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