Make baby’s first year unforgettable

Your baby’s first year is an incredibly special time, and it only happens once, so I highly recommend that you capture the year’s details in images and words. To get you motivated, take a look at Kylie1’s “Jack”. It’s more than photos. His mom has taken the time to really document his first year.

She also has a wonderful list on page 21 of milestones that he reached in his first year and how old he was – from rolling over and sitting up, to recognizing his name, and first words.

Here are some of her other ideas for inspiration:
• Announcement – how and when they told friends and family that he was on his way
• Name – what his name means, and what other famous people have it
• Astrological sign – what his astrological sign is and what that says about his personality
• Pop-culture – what the top music, movies and TV shows were the year he was born

Incorporating even a few of these will help you create a meaningful keepsake about your baby’s first year.

Do you have unique ways of remembering your baby’s first year in a photo book? Let us know by commenting on this article.


  1. Earl J says

    Nice to talk with you again, now that I’ve learned how to log in to the blog. I’m well past the bringing-up-baby stage but enjoyed your ways of dealing with the first year.

    Shutterfly Gallery Guru

  2. says

    I really love the idea of logging all of the events of the day and year your baby was born.
    It is so fun to look back and see what song was popular and the headlines of the moment.

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