Two ideas for remembering

I’m a busy, busy mom of three boys. We have a blast playing and there are so many things I want to remember about what they do, what they say, who they are. I often get to the end of the day though and find I’ve already forgotten the small things. Before kids, I had a much better memory! I want to be able to recall these fun tidbits of life that so easily escape me.  I create several photo books and small albums for my boys each year to help do this.

I use two great tools to help me create my photo books like the recent “I Can” book that I created for my boy Mack when he was a baby and the “What You Saying?” book for my bundle of energy Levi. Each of these books feature photos, but also tell a story and recall fine details. How does my mommy-brain remember these?

1) Shutterfly Calendars! Each year, I print a calendar for each of my boys starting in the month of their birthday. The calendar features pictures from the previous year. I use the calendar to jot down both the big milestones such as first steps and new teeth, but also for smaller details such as the favorite animal at the zoo that day.

2) Quote Jar: I’ve been recording witty and silly things Levi and Mack say on torn-up envelopes, store receipts, twitter posts, etc. The problem is that I often misplaced them, until I found the jar solution. We now have a simple jar on our kitchen counter top that collects quotes, making a book like the “What You Saying?” book very easy to compile.

Both of these are simple ways to remember the smaller details that will add depth to your next photobook. So next time you finish up a jar of pickles, rinse out that jar really good to get rid of the pickle stink and you’ll be ready to start capturing your memories one little detail at a time.


  1. Joey says

    Jessi, your books always blow me away with your impeccable details of the lives of your boys you do not want to forget, those every day momennts. I love the calendar idea and your quote jar is pure genious!! Simply brilliant Jessi!!
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom & creativity!

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