Make a Rainy Day Handbook

April showers bring BORED kids STUCK in the house. Spring is notorious for wacky weather and it can mean spending more time than you’d like – climbing the walls and scrambling for new ideas to keep the kids entertained. So here’s an idea for a quick photo book that just might save the (rainy) day.

Make a Rainy Day Handbook. Take photos of your family’s favorite rainy day and indoor activities – and create a book that captures how much FUN it can be to be stuck inside every now and then.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

– Snap photos of your family playing their favorite board games or use a text layout to capture the rules to your kids’ favorite make believe game.
– Scan some favorite artwork for a few pages of artistic inspiration. (Be sure to put it back on the fridge when you’re done!)
– Take photos of your kids enjoying their favorite snacks. Or scan a favorite cookie recipe – then include a few photos of your family mixing and pouring and licking the spoons.
– Find photos (or take new ones) of your kids in their most fabulous dress-up clothes. Have them put on a show or act out a play — then capture their silliness in the pages of your book.
– Have them make the biggest, baddest fort out of all the chairs and pillows and blankets in the house. Allow them to give you a tour – and don’t forget to take pictures!
– Wear your socks, crank up the music – and have a dance party! And snap some priceless pictures of your family having a good time and getting out all that energy!
– Get photos of your kiddos snuggled on the couch for a movie. Even include pictures of popcorn-making or a list of your family’s all-time favorite movies.
– If you dare. Even include photos of a messy, muddy afternoon spent playing IN the rain. (If it’s something you don’t mind repeating)

When the storm rolls in, break out the book. Remind your kids how much fun it can be to stay inside and out of the rain. Flip through the pages for a few good stories and laughs — and some inspiration. Then settle in and make another rainy day memory.

You’ll never hear “I’m boooored. There’s nothing to doooooo.” again. Your family may even start looking forward to rainy days.

And if you let your kiddos help make the book, you will have already filled one rainy day with a fun activity.


  1. Joey says

    How darling are the images! I love these ideas. We just had a March snowstorm and were greeted with another 8 inches or so of snow!! The other day we had snow, rain, sleet, thunder and lightening! Exciting! I love the idea of making forts – we always did that as kids. Sometimes you just have to make the most of those Mother Nature days.

  2. says

    All of these are great ideas for a rainy day photo book. You can add a making cookies book. That idea can come out with two products..a book and a treat…. :)

  3. says

    I suppose these ideas would also work for an , “I live in South Dakota and it’s just going to keep SNOWING all thru April book” too. 😉 Thanks for the inspiration. I can think of a half dozen things for my snowed in book right now. :)

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