Fun Easy Kids Craft: Stop and Go Sign

Inspired by our own little Petite Lemon, Zeke (4) — our Stop and Go signs are pure fun and easy entertainment for all little ones! Our little ones love to have Stop and Go races – one child holds the sign and directs everyone when to “stop” and when to “goooo!” as the others line up and race across the room.

You’ll Need:

White card stock
Popsicle stick or straw

Making our Stop and Go Sign is easy!

1.    Print out Stop and Go shapes on card stock
2.    Cut out signs and apply glue to back
3.    Place popsicle stick on back of sign
4.    Adhere backs of signs together
5.    Have fun!

Stop and Go also makes daily routines more fun. Zeke loves to direct everyone to “stop” and “go “ when its time to clean up toys. Sometimes, we even take the sign with us when we’re out and about – Stop and Go is a fun way to pass time while waiting for a table when dining out.

Petite Lemon

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  1. Joey says

    Fun idea and a great way to pass time for little ones who can sometimes get impatient.
    Thanks for sharing this fun tip. Every time I see your photo on these blogs, you look so familiar. You don’t have a sister in ND, do you?

  2. BarbaraJ says

    For year I taught young pre-school age children. Crafts were one of my favorite things to prepare for the kids. You have some wonderful ideas and thank you for sharing.

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