Birth announcements are not just for babies

by Adam F Posted on March 25, 2011

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About a month ago my wife and I became new parents—not parents of an infant just yet, but of a 1.5 year old dog named Jackson. We named him after our favorite place: Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Some say getting a dog is good practice—keeping a schedule, dealing with whining and barking, and sharing affection with a new addition to the family. Whether or not you believe dog-rearing is an appropriate step on the path to child-rearing doesn’t change the fact that we’re absolutely smitten with our new boy.

He has instantly become the center of our universe and we’re constantly taking pictures of him. Everything he does is the funniest (or cutest) thing we’ve ever seen. We take pictures and videos of him on our cameras and phones—uploaded via the Shutterfly iPhone app—and within one month’s time we’ve amassed enough images to make a sizable number of photo products at Shutterfly.

I thought I’d share some of the great pictures we’ve taken and the Shutterfly products we’ve made in just the last month.

Birth announcements – not just for babies anymore

We wanted to have fun sharing our news with a small group of friends and family so I created these beautiful birth announcements (or adoption announcements in our case) introducing Jackson. I really like how they let my photo stand out with the text overlay. It has customizable text for the name, date, time, weight and length. We rounded down on his weight, he’s actually 54 lbs, 3 oz. Quick tip: dog treats worked really well for getting him to look up into the camera!

Simple Path Photo Book with Facebook photos

Before we had our Jackson Share site up and running my wife uploaded a lot of photos to Facebook so we could show him off to our friends. I made a Simple Path photo book while I was at work and hadn’t uploaded all of the pictures to Shutterfly yet. Being able to grab photos from Shutterfly and Facebook came in very handy when showing off Jackson’s first trip to the snow.

I hope this has inspired you to take more photos of your pets too!


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Where's my photo?
  1. BarbaraJ Says:

    Cute article, I have never thought of this idea. How cute!

  2. AnnAbbott Says:

    New pets…new houses…new cars….new life…. You can do a lot of announcing with Shutterfly’s cards.

  3. Joey Says:

    Your article and pictures of your new baby boy Jackson, made me smile! My brother & sister-in-law have 2 shizt tzu’s and they take such adorable photos of them all the time. It cracks me up. They are their ‘kids’ so to speak.
    Great article. The ‘baby’ turns 1 on April 6th and is pretty cute. I should tell my sis-in-law to send out party invites. I know they’ll have a party for him!

  4. kniewohner Says:

    Oh goodness, this spoiling treatment rivals my husband and I watching our springer on the webcam during Doggie Daycare. YOu gotta love ‘em and spoil ‘em rotten. The announcements are adorable too! Thanks for another great way to pamper my pooch.

  5. TonetteB Says:

    Oh my goodness……this is the most creative idea ever!!! Too cute!!!! Now who wouldn’t love getting this pet announcement in the mail?!!! I would of never thought of this. If anyone I know gets a new puppy, kitten, adopted pet, bunny, bird, pig, or big pet lizard I will tell them about this idea! Your article warmed my heart! Jackson is a lucky dog! I’m sure you and your wife feel lucky and blessed to have this new adorable addition to your family! Jackson is such a gorgeous dog! Your announcement is such an inspiration! That photo makes my heart skip a beat……its perfect! I love everything about it! I bet all your family and friends are carrying this announcement around showing off Jackson to everyone! Enjoy your new addition to your family and this really fun and exciting time in your life! Can’t wait to see more of Jackson! Congratulations! :)

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